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Finally, a Buddhist education programme for all ages + levels of interest, taught by modern teachers for contemporary spiritual seekers and in your native language.

Dharma Classes

Buddhism can be confusing especially if you’re new. There is so much to learn and explore that you may not know where to begin! We offer Dharma classes for all levels of interest — from complete beginners to advanced practitioners, and for adults and children. Based on the teachings of His Eminence Tsem Rinpoche, our classes combine textual understanding with experiential contemplations so that you can build a strong foundation for spiritual practice.

For adults. Learn the core concepts of Tibetan Buddhism.

For adults. Includes the basics + small scope.

For adults. Includes the medium + great scope.

For children and teenagers aged 5–16 years.

A spiritual foundation to carry your teen through the rest of their life.


Short Courses

Whether you seek a healthier lifestyle, spiritual realignment or self-development, we have a suitable programme for you. Retreat to the forest and expand your spiritual horizons with one of our short courses. Customised courses for larger groups are also available upon request.

2D1N meditation + wellness programme for beginners.

3D3N programme for intermediate meditators.

Master rituals + visualisations for the Diamond Path sadhana.

Learn ritual instruments + offering mudras for your daily practice.

Master advanced mudras to deepen your meditational practice.

Learn the mandala ritual, prayers + visualisations for quick, vast merits.

Clear obstacles, purify karma, gather resources + fulfil wishes.

Receive the guru’s blessings for spiritual realisations.

Gain tremendous wisdom, blessings + purification.

Heal, stabilise life force + gain protection from the supernatural.

Cultivate mindfulness, intelligence + good qualities in young minds.

2D1N meditation programme to help you make the most of your life

1-day workshop to help you process anger + achieve a happier mind.

Learn basic Buddhist principles, meditation and practices.

Complete your prostration preliminary within two years

The Importance of Lineage

The Importance of Lineage

Our programmes are carefully developed based on the penetrative teachings of His Eminence Tsem Rinpoche and authentic sources from our lineage.

It is essential to learn Buddhism based on a genuine lineage. It authenticates the teachings and demonstrates that they have a basis, a proven history and are not made up.

More importantly, it is through the blessings of an authentic lineage that we will gain results and attainments from our studies, practices and contemplations.


Featured Books​

Experience the power of prayer with group pujas + mantras.

Heart advice + key teachings from Tsem Rinpoche.

Get answers to commonly asked Buddhist questions.

The point is to see and investigate for yourself. Even Buddha repeatedly asked people not to believe His words blindly but to examine His teachings and know for themselves. Hence, it is important to learn, examine and see for yourself. When you see for yourself what is true – that is the only way that you can genuinely know anything and accept it. That is how you can truly embrace Dharma.
– Tsem Rinpoche –

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