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Manjushri Kids Retreat

The Manjushri kids retreat is a special opportunity for parents to connect their children with the divine, and plant mental seeds to become a good adult.

We need to instil something deeper in our children while they are young. So that when they are adults, they will have the tools to deal with all the non-stop challenges that life brings them.

– Tsem Rinpoche –

Manjushri’s retreat develops young minds, improves memory, increases creativity, and enhances learning and understanding. This leads to better academic results, improves their future career prospects and helps them reach their fullest potential in adulthood.

Daily retreat activities are a combination of practice, crafts and mindful play in a beautiful, natural environment. Children will gain hands-on experience in setting up an altar and making offerings, learn basic Buddhist practices such as prostration and circumambulation, participate in mantra chanting and informal meditation sessions, and receive age-appropriate Dharma teachings.

It is also an opportunity for children to bond with Dharma friends from different backgrounds, learn how to work with their peers, and be independent in a safe and supportive environment. All activities are facilitated and supervised by our experienced Dharma school teachers. Prior retreat experience is not required.

Conducted once a year in May.

103 (1)
7 – 17
104 (1)
105 (1)


Main Facilitator

Level 3 teacher who juggles raising three boys and running our city temple. Passionate about children learning the Dharma and shaping their values with basic Buddhist principles so they mature into better adults.


Level 3 Teacher
Believes that health + wellness encompasses body, mind and spirit. Appreciates the opportunity to support the young generation by volunteering as a teacher.

Level 2 Teacher
Mother of two. Loves nature, baking and charity work. Hopes to encourage positive thinking in young children through Dharma and moral sharing.

Level 2 Teacher
Loves music and Dharma. Passionate about instilling children with moral values for long term benefit.

Level 2 Teacher
Sunday school volunteer who met Rinpoche in 2010. Believes in sharing Dharma with the new generation.

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