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Keeping the lineage alive

After Buddhism was established over 2,500 years ago, it went through periods of growth and decline. By the 13th century, Buddha’s tradition was practically wiped out in India by invaders who destroyed Buddhist temples, monuments and institutions of learning. Fortunately, Dharma lived on through the efforts of great masters who brought the teachings to China, Tibet, Central and Southeast Asia. Yet even in Buddhist strongholds like Tibet, the religion almost vanished during the reign of anti-Buddhist rulers such as Emperor Langdarma. History has taught us the importance of preserving Buddha’s stainless teachings. At Kechara, we continue this crucial effort to safeguard the Buddhist tradition for future generations in written, digital and visual form.


We transcribe, compile, translate and publish the precious teachings of H.E. Tsem Rinpoche in multiple languages. We also publish books composed by Rinpoche’s students, and translations of important texts from Lama Tsongkhapa’s tradition.

Sponsoring the printing of Dharma books has been a mainstay of Buddhist practice for millennia.

  • Books are often printed and distributed in the name of someone in the family who has passed away to generate merits for their rebirth in a better realm.
  • Books can also be sponsored for loved ones who are still with us.

You can support the publication of Dharma texts here.



We produce original content based on the recorded teachings of H.E. Tsem Rinpoche for free dissemination and distribution. We also produce animated videos, practice guides, meditation aids and documentaries to share Buddha’s message of spirituality through the medium of story telling.


Online Dharma

We connect millions of people around the world to the sacred essence of Dharma via Akin to a virtual temple that transcends geographical borders, it is a repository of Rinpoche’s teachings and Buddha’s wisdom preserved in digital form for future generations.

There are a diverse range of topics to enrich the mind, from paranormal stories to inspirational tales, art and culture, sustainable living, and a tonne of interactive features. Our online community is also a place to connect with spiritual friends to help you on your spiritual journey.


Visual Dharma

Tibetan Buddhism has a strong tradition of conveying Dharma teachings in visual form. Part of the reason is because many Tibetans were uneducated and could not read or understand the scriptures well. Hence, the custom of creating visual representations of divine beings, their life stories and key teachings arose, for use in worship and prayer.

We continue this artistic tradition through the creation of iconographically-correct Buddha images of all sizes, from little pendants to larger-than-life statues. We’re also creating 1,000 pieces of sacred spiritual paintings through the Rime Thangkas project. The project provides a small community of traditionally trained thangka painters in Nepal with a sustainable livelihood.


Helping the Monastery

A thriving community of monks and nuns is critical to ensure the continuity of Buddha’s teachings and lineage. That’s why it is vital to help monastic institutions as they rely on support from patrons and donors. We support the community of Sangha by sponsoring:

  • Food
  • Robes
  • School supplies — Dharma texts, textbooks, stationery
  • Daily necessities — groceries, toiletries
  • Healthcare — hospital treatment, medicine, vaccines, supplements, reading glasses, hearing aids
  • Education — teachings, initiations, commentaries
  • Prayers — religious festivals, ceremonies, pujas, offerings, statues
  • Facilities — new buildings, renovations, maintenance, repairs

Tsem Rinpoche Foundation USA

Tsem Rinpoche Foundation, Inc. is a tax-exempt charitable foundation registered in the USA that focuses primarily on the preservation and propagation of Buddhism in general and the Gaden tradition in particular.

Can you help us?

We’re always looking for people to help with writing, transcribing, editing, translation, subtitling, production, art and design.

If you’re interested in contributing your time, effort or sponsorship towards the production of books, videos, art or online teachings, please contact us no matter where you are in the world.

Dharma is the highest form of giving.

Help us bring Buddha’s wisdom to more people.