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Start your spiritual learning

Buddhism can be confusing especially if you’re new. There’s so much to learn and explore that you may not know where to begin!

We offer Dharma classes for all levels of interest — from complete beginners to advanced practitioners, and for adults and children. Based on the teachings of His Eminence Tsem Rinpoche, our classes combine textual understanding with experiential contemplations so that you can build a strong foundation for spiritual practice.

Buddhism for Beginners

Learn the fundamentals of Tibetan Buddhism, key concepts such as karma and the Four Noble Truths, and the basics of practice, prayer and meditation. Graduates will develop a well-rounded foundation for further study and practice.

Lamrim Level 1

The Level 1 class begins with the fundamentals of the Lamrim lineage, prayers + visualisations for successful meditations, and progresses all the way through the Small Scope, guiding you to renounce the three lower realms of existence. 

Lamrim Level 2

The Level 2 class introduces the 12 Links of Dependent Origination, the way our negative qualities limit us, and through to the Six Perfections, which allow us to develop truly transformative qualities and ways of looking at the world.

Sunday Dharma School

Give your child the chance to connect with Dharma from an early age, and you give them the keys to success in life. Regular attendance can help your child develop important life skills such as increased empathy, respect for others, self control and concentration.

Buddhism for Teens

Help your teen deal with the challenges of teenage life and the milestones they will inevitably pass as they mature into adulthood. These courses will help them find answers to their bigger life questions, and give them a spiritual foundation to carry them through the rest of their life.

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