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Secure your blessed final resting place

“Preparing for death is a gift we give ourselves and those we leave behind.”
Located amidst 35 acres of landscaped gardens in Bentong, Pahang, Kechara’s Buddhist Memorial Hall project provides modern Buddhists a blessed final resting place and authentic Buddhist methods to transcend after life.
It is the latest in a range of facilities available at Kechara Forest Retreat, Malaysia’s largest Tibetan Buddhist temple serving devotees since 2012.

A blessed final resting place for the departed

Propel your spiritual journey in future lives

In Buddhism, it is a great blessing to have our earthly remains interred in a sacred space. Even more, to be in close proximity to enlightened beings and Buddhist masters.

This symbolises a spiritual connection that transcends lifetimes.

Blessings for the deceased and their descendants

Our founder His Eminence the 25th Tsem Rinpoche often spoke of the need for a blessed final resting place — to benefit our descendants, loved ones, and most importantly, has a direct impact on where we go after we pass from this life.

For many years, this was nothing more than a dream on paper… until today.

Malaysia’s first Tibetan Buddhist memorial hall

Located at the spiritual heart of Kechara Forest Retreat is the Tsem Rinpoche Relic Temple — a permanent memorial that enshrines Rinpoche’s relics and holy remains.

Adjacent lies the Relic Temple Memorial HallMalaysia’s first Tibetan Buddhist columbarium and a sacred space to transcend after life.

The Holy Relics

Out of great compassion, Rinpoche left us his holy body relics. These were discovered amongst the ashes after the traditional funeral rites.

It is a great blessing to see, venerate or just to be near Rinpoche’s holy relics.

This makes the Relic Temple Memorial Hall a unique unmissable opportunity to rest alongside one of the greatest Buddhist masters of modern times.


Your final home in a spiritual paradise


Relic Temple Memorial Hall


Immersed in Nature

The Relic Temple Memorial Hall offers a limited number of outdoor niches. Designed to withstand the test of time, each niche is clad with premium Neolith sintered stone from Italy — cutting edge material with anti-scratch, anti-stain and weather-resistant properties. An engraving of Dorje Shugden blesses each outdoor niche plaque.


Liuli and Light

Every indoor niche is blessed by a liuli glass crystal artpiece of Dorje Shugden. In Buddhism, liuli is one of the Seven Treasures (qibao) symbolising purity and virtue. The interplay of shadow and light in liuli art is reminiscent of the cycle of death and rebirth, and the journey towards highest enlightenment.


Malaysian heritage meets
Tibetan tradition

We offer two bespoke urn designs, created in collaboration with Royal Selangor — Malaysia’s royal pewterer and the world’s foremost name in quality pewter. Choose the Lotus Urn for refined simplicity or Auspicious Urn for intricate craftsmanship. Custom options are available, such as gold plating and name engraving.


The Power of Prayer

The Medicine Buddha Prayer Hall is a blessed space for private prayer and spiritual comfort. On the main shrine is a large sculpture of the Medicine Buddha to bless the deceased and descendants. Surrounding this are smaller statues that can be dedicated to the deceased. Buddhist mantras play around the clock for additional blessings all year round.

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What’s Included

Sponsor a niche by February 2024 and save up to 5% on bereavement services. *
Indoor Niche

Niche faceplate engraving
1x premium pewter urn
Urn engraving
Urn placement ceremony
1x complimentary in-house bereavement puja
(worth RM800)
1x complimentary inurnment prayer (worth RM788)
Up to 24 months instalment plan with participating credit cards
Perpetual niche maintenance
Perpetual Memorial Hall maintenance
1-year complimentary Kechara membership
Indoor Niche

Niche faceplate engraving
2x premium pewter urns
Urn engraving
Urn placement ceremony
2x complimentary in-house bereavement puja
(worth RM1,600)
2x complimentary inurnment prayer (worth RM1,576)
Up to 24 months instalment plan with participating credit cards
Perpetual niche maintenance
Perpetual Memorial Hall maintenance
1-year complimentary Kechara membership
Outdoor Niches

Niche faceplate engraving
Urn placement ceremony
Save RM388 on inurnment prayer (normal donation RM788)
Up to 24 months instalment plan with participating credit cards
Perpetual niche maintenance
Perpetual Memorial Hall maintenance
1-year complimentary Kechara membership
* Offer valid until construction completes in February 2024.

The Importance of Pre-Planning in Buddhism

You continue your Buddhist journey in future lives.

Buddhism teaches that death is a moment of transition from one life to another. Merit-making acts done after our passing are crucial for a smooth transition, good rebirth and positive future situations.

You nourish your ancestral lha spirit.

Buddhist scriptures describe how our “ancestral spirit” (Tibetan: lha) is affected by our final resting place. An auspicious location will nourish the ancestral spirit while negative energy will weaken it, which may create misfortune for family members and descendants.

You decide where and how you should be cared for.

Take your last breath knowing that your earthly remains will be treated according to your spiritual beliefs. As a Buddhist, you can choose a final resting place where you can perpetually collect merits for good future lives even after your descendants are gone.

You give peace of mind to loved ones.

Reduce the anxiety that arises during times of grief with proper planning and preparation. By making good decisions in advance, you can provide an easier transition for everyone involved — spiritually and financially.

Happy Sponsors

These are some of the reasons why so many people have chosen the Relic Temple Memorial Hall as their final home.
As a Buddhist, I believe in rebirth, karma and merits. Being connected to my Guru and the Three Jewels beyond this physical lifetime, is the best “investment” I can make to create causes to be close to them lifetime after lifetime.
Before his parinirvana, Rinpoche advised us to get a place in here. This is our way to get close to the Dharma even after we have left this existence. We hope to be reborn near Kechara in a future life.
I’m grateful for this rare privilege to have my final resting place in Kechara Forest Retreat where the land is especially blessed by H.E. Tsem Rinpoche and other high lamas along with Dorje Shugden. Furthermore, what greater blessing than to have my final resting place near my lama’s stupa? That is why for me, there is no better place than the Relic Temple Memorial Hall.
One of the most striking aspects of the Relic Temple Memorial Hall is its deep-rooted lineage importance. I believe that being close to the Relic Temple, which stands as a tribute to Tsem Rinpoche’s life, deeds and legacy, and also home to my Guru’s holy sacred relics will enrich my afterlife in immeasurable spiritual ways. Furthermore, the intricate architectural details and surrounding tranquility offers the palpable aura of a meaningful final resting place that is second to none.
It’s a rare opportunity to have a columbarium with a high lama relic nearby. What’s more, there’s a lot of Dharma activity all year round to benefit people. I would like to “stay” here.
I am so blessed to have a chance to be placed in Kechara Forest Retreat especially at the Relic Temple Memorial Hall. This is a holy place surrounded by Buddhas for people to find peace and happiness.
This place is different from a commercial columbarium. It is a temple with the Guru and all Buddhas, with prayers all year round. I feel so peaceful and protected. We are so fortunate to be here as our final resting place eventually. It will also be good for our visitors in future as they can visit ‘us’ anytime and experience the peace of Kechara Forest Retreat for themselves too.
– HUE –
There’s no question that I want Kechara Forest Retreat to be my final home. Every time I visit, I feel a sense of calm and contentment. I hope that after I have passed on, my loved ones will be able to gain strength from this tranquility when they come to 'visit' me, and partake in many other activities apart from paying respects at the Relic Temple Memorial Hall.
Kechara Forest Retreat is like our second home, we like the tranquil environment and the activities here. It’s almost an immediate decision for me & my husband to book a place during the Relic Temple Memorial Hall pre-launch. It will be the spiritual home for us, for this life and the lives after. May we always stay close to the Guru and Kechara. I also hope those who visit us in the future can get a blessing when they step into this holy land.

Why choose us?

  • We are officially registered with the Malaysian Registrar of Societies since 2002.
  • Our proven history of completing and maintaining projects.
  • Our trusted track record of authentic spiritual services since 2013.
  • We are Malaysia’s largest Tibetan Buddhist temple since 2012.
  • We are passionate about benefiting you in this life and beyond.

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