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His Eminence Tsem Rinpoche was beloved for his unconventional approach to Dharma that effortlessly bridged Buddha’s ancient wisdom with modern needs, attitudes and lifestyles.

His teachings are known for their practicality and clarity, and are especially suited for modern spiritual seekers with busy lives.

Kechara Media & Publications publishes Rinpoche’s precious teachings in English and Chinese, and in multiple formats. Our publications range from introductory books on mindfulness, short stories and comics, to commentaries on various aspects of Buddhism.

We also publish inspirational books authored by Rinpoche’s students — talented up-and-coming authors committed to sharing Buddha’s message of peace and wisdom.

Through our unique presentation of Buddha’s teachings, we hope to help more people find inspiration, guidance, hope and practices for a wise and compassionate life.

Sponsoring the printing of Dharma books has been a mainstay of Buddhist practice for millennia.

You can support the publication of Dharma texts here.

Uplifting words of wisdom and inspirational ideas to change your day for the better.
Our pick of introductory reads to start off your exploration of Buddhism.
Recommended titles to lift your mood, inspire your mind and enrich your life.
Selected titles to help you gain a deeper understanding of specific Buddhist concepts.
Prayer guides to help you incorporate easy Buddhist practices into your busy schedule. 
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Dharma is the highest form of giving.

Help us bring Buddha’s wisdom to more people.