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Spiritual Supplements

Take control of your problems and worries so you can lead a full life knowing that karma is on your side.

Extraordinary pujas + offerings + spiritual support for modern, busy Buddhists
You believe that you get what you give. So you’ve worked hard to get to where you are. And now you’re looking for a good work-life balance. To stay fit and healthy. To be happy.
But even though you try to live a good life and not do anything wrong,
Problems. Still. Find. You.
Obstacle-01-Bad Luck
Bad Luck
Obstacle-04-Work Gossips
Work Gossips
Obstacle-05-Financial Issues
Financial Issues
Obstacle-06-Spirit Issues
Spirit Issues
  • Maybe you’re experiencing minor daily obstacles in health, finances, relationships, business, depression, the unseen. Sure, these are small problems but they keep piling up.
  • Maybe you’re worried that your life is too-good-to-be-true. Is something bad just around the corner? When is your streak of good luck going to run out?
  • Maybe you’re too busy with life. You believe in spiritual solutions but you have no time for prayers.
  • Or maybe you’re thinking, “All of this describes what I’m going through!”

The karma connection

People often say that experiences are caused by karma. And guess what? It’s true. Karma is the energy created from things that we have done in the past. It remains dormant until it’s triggered. Once triggered, we will experience that energy, which can be positive, negative or neutral.

We all want to experience good karma coming back from the good things we have done in the past. However, karma runs out once we use it up. So we have to keep creating good actions if we want to keep having good experiences.

We have also created plenty of negative karma which comes back as problems and difficulties. For some of us, negative karma may even return as a landslide — once it starts it just doesn’t end and there’s no easy way to escape.

Unfortunately, we have no control over what karma is triggered, when it’s triggered, or what problems it causes.

And sometimes in life, even if we do our best to solve a problem, it’s really just beyond us.

But what if there’s a proven way to help you divert your bad karma before it opens + overcome the problems that you already have?

The workings of karma.
It’s the universal law of cause and effect.

Overcome karma, one step at a time

“For the last 30 years, I have done thousands of divinations to help people with serious problems. Divination checks into people’s futures and a lot of the time, they need pujas to clear out their karma.”
— Tsem Rinpoche —

A puja is a formal set of rituals and prayers to help you overcome obstacles and create the results you’re looking for. Pujas work by purifying karma and creating merits. Merits are a special type of energy that can give you a good life situation + propel you to the highest spiritual state. What’s more, merits are superior to good karma because they won’t run out!

Pujas are traditionally performed in temples by qualified monks, nuns or lay practitioners. They are done on behalf of benefactors who contribute towards the cost of the pujas and offerings. In return, the benefactor receives specific benefits such as:

  • Healing + long life
  • Better finances
  • Success in personal + business endeavours
  • Protection from seen + unseen dangers
  • Fewer obstacles + challenges
  • Favourable situations
  • Purification of past negative karma
  • Good karma + great merits

However,  not everyone has the time or financial resources to do regular pujas and offerings to generate enough merits to dilute the effects of karma.
This is where we can help.

Spiritual Supplements for your Karma

We offer three types of done-for-you subscription plans to give you your daily and weekly dose of Sacred Pujas and Offerings. Each plan includes our most popular pujas and offerings so you can go about life knowing that your merits are working behind the scenes to keep your problems in check.

Pujas and offerings are done as a group, so you can receive the full benefits at a fraction of what it would normally cost.

Starter Plan

(save RM188 per year)

1 dedication name
Recommended for healthy individuals, problem-free life stages
1 x Dorje Shugden puja
Weekly candle offering
Essential Plan

(save RM388 per year)

2 dedication names
Recommended for couples, parents, small families, home businesses
1 x Dorje Shugden puja
1 x Medicine Buddha puja
Weekly candle offering
Weekly incense offering
Complete Plan

(save RM588 per year)

4 dedication names
Recommended for families, elderly, chronic illness, pregnancies, all life stages, small/medium businesses
2 x Dorje Shugden puja
2 x Medicine Buddha puja
Daily candle offering
Daily incense offering

A Spiritual Supplement Subscription is for you if you want to:

  • Consistently dilute and divert your store of negative karma
  • Accumulate a merit reserve to accomplish your goals
  • Move forward with your spiritual development
  • Improve your life in the long run

Why choose us?

  • We are passionate about helping you improve your life through proven spiritual remedies.
  • Our authentic + powerful pujas are effective for all life situations.
  • Our trusted track record {over 10 years} of done-for-you pujas and offerings.
  • Our experienced pastors + puja team are trained by ritual masters of Gaden Monastery.
  • Our services are performed in-house at Kechara Forest Retreat, Malaysia’s largest Tibetan temple.

Happy Clients

My surgical left leg ankle was having off and on pain. Also, I often have miserable days and stressed out. After this offering, amazingly my left ankle is currently having much less pain than before and I can walk better. By the way, my left ankle has 3 metal plates and 20 screws. My days are better now with a happier mood than before. I am more lively and relaxed now. I am so glad I did this offering and Dorje Shugden has been helping me all the way. Most of the morning, I also chant Dorje Shugden mantra, ‘Om Benza Wiki Bitana Soha’ before I start my day. Thank you so much for this opportunity, I thank Dorje Shugden for helping me.
Incense offering
My son has been having high fever and vomiting with traces of blood from dengue fever. After the puja was conducted, my son's fever subsided the first time without medication, and was on the road to recovery. He checked out 2 days later from the hospital. I am truly grateful to the Kechara puja team!
Medicine Buddha puja
My husband has been having bad luck for months. Work wasn’t going well and business suffered for months. As a result he was stressed and depressed. Our family life also suffered. About a month after ordering the Dorje Shugden Incense Offering, his luck began to change for the better. He had some drastic changes in his life including removing toxic people from around him, new business opportunities and he seems lighter and happier. Thank you.
Incense offering
Instant effects. On same day the puja was done, I felt immediate relief from tensions and stress. That too was without consciously knowing the puja was being done. Since that day, I also feel a strong protective shield around me. I no longer feel so afraid.
Dorje Shugden puja
My mom is a strokee and gave us a major scare when she looked like she was about to have another stroke. My dad rushed her to the hospital. I ordered an express Medicine Buddha puja. It was performed just as my mom was going for her MRI. An hour later, my dad updated me to say that my mom’s MRI results were good and there were no signs of another stroke. My dad later told me that my mom was unusually calm during her MRI and she told my Dad that she felt peaceful. Until then, he didn’t know that I had ordered the puja for her. When I told him about it and the time it was performed, he said that the puja must have worked as the earlier stroke symptoms were all gone and my mom was able to go home. Thank you for this awesome puja service, VajraSecrets!
Medicine Buddha puja
My wife has been afflicted with Rheumatoid Arthritis, an incurable disease. Since middle last year, I have requested Vajrasecrets to perform a one-year annual puja for her health. Btw, my wife is a Christian. The puja was performed without her knowledge. Nevertheless, her condition improved. She is no longer seeing her specialist. She is now experiencing much fewer bouts of pain.
Medicine Buddha puja
I was recommended Medicine Buddha puja along with a Namgyal Tsechog and Dorje Shugden puja for my mother who was in a Covid ICU ward. I feel combined the pujas were immensely effective. I saw hope in her recovery in a matter of days, considering how serious her condition was. She's now on the road to recovery, slowly but surely. Thank you puja team.
Medicine Buddha puja
Was skeptical but believe me, I felt changes in my life after that. Was having a really bad time and this puja changes that fact. The positive changes are too obvious. (They even provide pictures of the puja done for me! Wow!)
Dorje Shugden puja
Was struggling with some immigration documents that normally would take months to complete but everything was done within a week even before the puja started. Thank you Kechara puja team.
Dorje Shugden puja
I had requested the puja for smooth travels and my move to another country with my family. Everything went smooth - I had expected it to be as I have great faith in Dorje Shugden and the Kechara puja team. Thank you for everything.
Dorje Shugden puja
Recently I got infected by Covid-19. As the symptoms such as headache and fever worsened, I sponsored a Dorje Shugden Puja, and did Shize's practice with the mantra "OM BENZA WIKI BITANA SHANTI SIDDHI HUNG". After just one night of sleep, the next day my headaches were cleared, and my temperature returned to normal. Only aftereffects such as sore throat were left for a few days after. I firmly believe that it was due to the blessings of Dorje Shugden that I was able to make such a swift recovery.
Dorje Shugden puja
Dorje Shugden has saved a pre-mature newborn baby at the time of dire need. The entire family is thankful with the blessings and protection granted by Dorje Shugden.
Dorje Shugden puja
My little nephew’s cochlear implant surgery went smoothly and he is recovering at home, By conducting Medicine Buddha puja, it gives us a sense of comfort and assurance that everything will be in good hands. Thank you to Kechara Puja team.
Medicine Buddha puja
I'd requested for an improved relationship for myself and husband. I felt an improvement to my surroundings as if the air is fresher, more grounded and less burden on shoulders. I believe the pujas helped and I am very happy with this. A great start for the morning with the husband and look forward to a continuous improvement in our relationship.
Dorje Shugden puja
I dedicated the puja merits to my mum and almost immediately one day after the puja was carried out, mum got relief from her noxious pain. She couldn't believe it when I revealed about the puja order. We are ever thankful to Kechara for the availability of ordering pujas online!
Medicine Buddha puja
I firmly believe that Dorje Shugden is protecting and guarding me and my loved ones from all enemies and obstructers. I have deep faith that Dorje Shugden is guiding us towards the fulfilment of our prayers and wishes. Thank you to all of you who performed the puja on our behalf. Our prayers are answered because of faith.
Dorje Shugden puja
The puja met my objective. I felt blessed to achieve what I wanted to achieve i.e. a new job. Can’t thank Rinpoche and Dorje Shugden plus Kechara and the puja team enough.
Dorje Shugden puja
Very powerful and effective incense offering and really appreciate Dorje Shugden clearing my obstacles!
Incense offering
Feel relieved and better sleep. I recommend to anybody for protection and attracting positive energy.
Dorje Shugden puja
Feeling blessed and grateful for seeing my family being protected and overcome their obstacles in life.
Light offering
Self mantra recitation together with puja does bring tremendous positive results for me. My mind is calm and the pain is reduced when I am under medication.
Medicine Buddha puja
Will offer this puja from time to time again. It is very effective in body healing and negative energy removing. Thanks to Kechara Puja Team for their hard work.
Medicine Buddha puja

Ready to get karma on your side?

Get started with daily/weekly doses of sacred pujas + offerings, and experience the impact of spiritual supplements in all aspects of your life.

Got a question? Here are our FAQs.

Your subscription begins on the 1st day of the next month. We will start making offerings and dedicating pujas on the first day or first week, depending on your subscription plan.

Our subscription plans include our most popular pujas and offering services. Every month, our pastors and puja team will perform these pujas and make these offerings on your behalf in Kechara Forest Retreat. The frequency of pujas and offerings will be daily or weekly, depending on your subscription plan.

Candles and incense will be offered on your behalf at a dedicated area at Lama Tsongkhapa’s shrine and Dorje Shugden’s grotto in Kechara Forest Retreat. These offerings will be done daily or weekly depending on your subscription plan.
For monthly and annual automatic subscriptions via, we accept credit card and direct debit. For one-off annual subscriptions via, we accept credit card, FPX, Paypal and e-Wallet (TouchNGo, GrabPay, Boost, ShopeePay, DuitNow, and other supported platforms). For one-off annual subscriptions over the counter, we accept credit card, cash, and supported e-Wallets via DuitNow QR.

Your monthly subscription fee will be deducted on the first day of each calendar month. If you are paying with direct debit, there will be a one-off non-refundable RM1 authorisation charge.

If you signed up at the end of the month, you will charged during the first week of the following month. In subsequent months, your subscription fee will be deducted on the first day of each calendar month.

If we are unable to collect your subscription fee due to insufficient funds in your account, we will send you an email to notify you of the situation. Your pujas and offerings will be paused until the subscription fee is paid.
Yes, you can! Simply link your membership card to your account before subscribing, or show your membership card at the frontdesk if you’re transacting over the counter. Your reward points will be credited by the 15th of the following month.
Yes, you will receive an email with details and photos of your pujas and offerings at the end of every month. Please add [email protected] into your contact list so that you don’t miss our emails.
It is extremely meritorious and beneficial for anyone to participate pujas and make offerings, whether directly in person or indirectly via a temple or monastery. By tradition, pujas and offerings are not only done when difficulties arise. They are also done to prevent future obstacles from arising.
Pujas and offerings are effective on their own, and do not require special action from your side. However, to enhance their benefits and effects, it is best combined with setting a good motivation and dedication of merits. You can do this at the time of the initial payment, or at any time throughout the subscription period. It can be done as many times as you like, once every month, week or day.
Of course – you can add a gift message at checkout. Tick the box marked “This is a gift” and you’ll be able to write a personal message to the recipient. If you provide their name and email address, we’ll send them a welcome email with your gift message on the 1st day of the next month, and monthly email updates too.
The cost of pujas and offerings are determined by the type of puja, the scale of the puja, the number of practitioners needed, and the amount of offerings required. By spreading the cost over multiple subscribers, we are able to do more pujas with more offerings, and dedicate the merits to you so that you can receive the full benefits at a fraction of what it would normally cost.
The pujas included in the subscription plan are group pujas which are scheduled on fixed dates and times. Whereas the standalone Dorje Shugden Puja and Medicine Buddha Puja is a dedicated puja service done only for you, and on any date you wish.
We are not able to perform subscription-based pujas and offerings on specific dates. As our subscriber base grows, it would be impossible to fulfil every single request and it would be unfair to fulfil some while declining others. If you would like a puja or offering done for you on a special date, consider one of our a la carte pujas and offering services.
The minimum subscription period is one year. If you are subscribed to our annual plan, subscription fees are not refundable. If you are subscribed to our monthly plan and wish to cancel your subscription before the first year is up due to unforeseen circumstances, please email our Customer Service team.
Yes, we will send you a reminder 2 months before your subscription plan expires. Your subscription will be automatically renewed so no further action is needed if you wish to continue subscribing to our service. If you wish to upgrade, change or cancel, please do so 7 days before your current plan expires.
Yes you can. Change your dedication and other details of your subscription by writing to us at [email protected]. The changes will take effect on the first day of the following calendar month.
Yes, you can upgrade or change your plan at any time. The changes will take effect on the first day of the following calendar month. However we recommend not to downgrade or make changes too often. It is best to stick with one plan and let the multiplying effect of the merits and good karma come to you naturally. If you need a boost of divine assistance to help you get through a particularly difficult problem or achieve a challenging goal, consider adding on one of our a la carte pujas and offering services.
Yes, they will! Our dedicated puja team and temple residents will ensure that your pujas and offerings are done daily or weekly according to your subscription plan, regardless of lockdowns, public holidays, or other unforeseen circumstances.

If you decide to cancel your subscription, WhatsApp our Customer Service Hotline at (Monday to Friday, 10 am to 6 pm) at least 7 days before the start of the following month, and we can arrange for your subscription to be cancelled.

If you prefer to speak over the phone, call +609 221 5600 (Monday to Friday, 10 am to 5 pm) or +603 7806 3908 (Monday to Thursday, 2 pm – 9 pm).

We will continue to dedicate pujas and offerings for you until the end of your subscription period.

For all enquiries relating to our subscription service, WhatsApp our Customer Service Hotline at (Monday to Friday, 10 am to 6 pm) or email [email protected].