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Buddhism for Teens

Help your teen deal with the challenges of teenage life, like peer pressure, the ups and downs of young love, and the milestones they will inevitably pass as they mature into adulthood. This is precisely where the principles of Buddhism can help, giving them insight into the nature of life and why things happen the way they do.

These courses will help your teen find the answers to their bigger life questions, equip them with tools to rise above challenges, and give them a spiritual foundation based on the principles of compassion and wisdom to carry them through the rest of their life.

Course 1: The Four Noble Truths

Through contemplative exercises, we introduce teenagers to the concept that they shape the world around them through their actions. The emphasis is on developing a sense of personal responsibility, and empowering teens to make pragmatic changes to steer their lives towards a brighter, kinder future. This programme is particularly helpful if they struggle to engage with their environment in a positive way.

Course 2: The Six Perfections

Through interactive discussions and real-life examples, we help teenagers develop an appreciation for the relevance of Buddhist principles in their daily lives. The emphasis is on understanding the value of qualities such as patience, generosity and perseverance, and how to apply Buddha’s teachings when approaching the ups and downs of life.

Class Overview
  • Language: English
  • Prerequisites: None
  • Duration: 6 weeks per course
  • Schedule:

    • Sunday (coming soon)
    • 2.30 pm – 4.00 pm
    • Kechara House
  • RM150 per course
103 (1)
104 (1)
1.5 hours
105 (1)


Class Facilitator

Modern mother who juggles raising three boys and running our city temple. Passionate about children learning the Dharma and shaping their values with basic Buddhist principles so they mature into better adults.

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