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Trakpo Sumtril Retreat

Trakpo Sumtril retreat combines the practices of the three wrathful deities Vajrapani, Hayagriva and King Garuda for healing, protection and especially to extend life.

It is helpful for anyone suffering from cancer, heart conditions, epileptic fits, and diseases caused by nagas and other supernatural entities. It also grants powerful protection from harm caused by nagas, land deities and supernatural beings, and averts obstacles arising from negative karma.

On a spiritual level, it increases our affinity with the tantras in general, blesses our mind, and increases the stability of our Dharma practice, especially if we lack confidence.

In particular, this retreat is highly recommended for anyone who has received the Trakpo Sumtril initiation as it will deepen your practice and help you gain quicker results.

Conducted once a year in April.

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Resident Monk

Novice monk, British ex-pat and lover of Buddhist philosophy. Frequently spotted wandering around Kechara Forest Retreat chanting mantras or with his head buried in a book at his desk.



Buddhist Pastor

Senior pastor, reluctant writer, lover of Buddhist art, published author, and longtime student of H.E. Tsem Rinpoche. Read more of his writings at

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