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Tsem Rinpoche Mantra Retreat

…even if we do not know a lot of practices, if we recite our Guru’s mantra whole-heartedly with sincerity and faith, we can obtain the qualities and attainments of Buddha Heruka, Dorje Shugden, and all the enlightened beings.

An extremely effective retreat for H.E. Tsem Rinpoche’s students and followers who are seeking a fulfilled spiritual journey. Based on Rinpoche’s Guru Yoga practice and name mantra, this unique retreat includes meditative practices to merge with the guru’s enlightened qualities to accumulate a tremendous amount of merits.

You will also create and strengthen your connection with Rinpoche’s past and future incarnations, and receive blessings for your spiritual wishes to come to pass.

Conducted once a year in October.

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Resident Monk

Novice monk, British ex-pat and lover of Buddhist philosophy. Frequently spotted wandering around Kechara Forest Retreat chanting mantras or with his head buried in a book at his desk.



Buddhist Pastor

Senior pastor, reluctant writer, lover of Buddhist art, published author, and longtime student of H.E. Tsem Rinpoche. Read more of his writings at

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