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Dorje Shugden Retreat

It’s very beneficial for everyone to take a spiritual break once every few months to engage in a Dorje Shugden retreat. It gives us the opportunity to recharge ourselves spiritually and take a break from materialistic life.

– Tsem Rinpoche –

Focus on the mantra of Protector Dorje Shugden to clear obstacles, purify negative karma, gather resources and fulfil wishes.

You’ll also be blessed with wisdom, compassion, insight, clarity, understanding of Dharma, and ultimately get one step closer to developing his enlightened qualities.

Conducted once a year in July.

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Buddhist Pastor

Senior pastor, British ex-pat, lover of Buddhist philosophy and aspiring monk-to-be. Frequently spotted wandering around Kechara Forest Retreat chanting mantras or with his head buried in a book at his desk.



Buddhist Pastor

Senior pastor, reluctant writer, lover of Buddhist art, published author, and longtime student of H.E. Tsem Rinpoche. Read more of his writings at

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