Kechara Soup Kitchen May and June 2019 stories

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KSK June 2019 stories

Story 1

Yesterday marked the 28th consecutive night out for food rescue! We are on the verge of saving 10 tonnes of hotel and bazaar food from being thrown to the landfills! These food were also redistributed to the needy instead and this will not be possible had not for the dedication of our wonderful team of volunteers.

As it approaches the tail end of the extremely busy month of #Ramadan, the amount of collection points are also gradually getting lesser. But still an average of 250kgs were rescued per night towards the final week and boy this is still a huge figure compared to what we achieved a little less than one year ago which was 5 tonnes.

Not only that, it’s late night and we are talking about starting to collect only after 10.15pm and working round the clock to make sure food reaches to the needy directly while the food is still warm. Special thanks to the chefs and their marvellous banquet team for the tremendous support given to our team to help facilitate the collection and distribution.

And lastly all these would not have been possible had it not been for the great initiative by our people’s Princess, Tengku Zatashah who’s steadfast reaction to this mounting issue of #foodwastage back in 2016. As there are a few more days to go, we will definitely look back and hope this hard and tedious work (not complaining!) throughout this holy month of Ramadan will serve to inspire more people to not waste their food and work with the local NGOs to curb wastage of food and resources!

Story 2

“When you are down and out, everybody leaves you”.

Just an example of how some of Malaysia’s population slip through the cracks of society and end up homeless. But, all’s well that ends well, albeit for the moment.

The tale of a 52 year old woman who suffered serious illness since 7 months ago. She would be plagued by cramps and become weak at any time of the day. Whenever the cramp occurs, she will suffer tremendous pain and her limb muscles will be out of control. This illness came as a surprise to Aunty as she had been healthy all these years. And as such,  did not know what to do and how to handle the situation or pain.

The couple is seeking treatment from Hospital Kuala Lumpur for Aunty. They were also advised to seek consultation with psychologists for her developing depression. The husband who is already in his 60s had to take up the task of caring for Aunty and thus had to stop work. This resulted in him having to struggle for money just to pay their rent. They were finally evicted from their room in Pudu after having owed  two months’ rent.

With the help of YAYASAN KEBAJIKAN NEGARA, we managed to help Aunty Lau and Uncle to find shelter in a new room to keep them off the streets while a proper diagnosis and treatment plan is being worked out for Aunty. Both Vivian Hor and Esther Goh were kind enough to help the desperate couple to move their belongings over to the new place.

They had looked really worried when we talked to them as they feared that they would now be on the streets. But all that changed and they started looking relieved although this move is only a temporary one.

We appeal for help from any member of the public who can help shelter and care for Aunty Lau while Uncle can do some work to earn some money to pull this through. Do contact our office at 010-3333260 or private message if you are kind enough to help this less fortunate couple.

Story 3

When the holy month of Ramadan is spent in a meaningful way.

To bring cheer and greet the end of Ramadan in celebrating Hari Raya Aidilfitri, we managed to arrange for the 96 children to replace their worn out school shoes with spanking new ones. These are children from needy families who regularly attend  the free tuition classes in Jiran Ria project.

This we managed to do with the credit funds that we received via Tesco Malaysia’s #DanaBulanBermakna,

May these children remember the kindness extended them and grow up with compassion and exceptional values to be upstanding pillars of society

Story 4

Where do we go to find those in need?

How do we determine who is worthy of help?

How do we find these people?

How do we know they are really deserving?

Are they genuine cases?

Questions, questions, questions.

Well, do come and join the Kechara Soup Kitchen volunteers in going around to find out more about the urban poor, the near down-and-out cases. Learn the answers to the above questions.

Afterall, we do need the information to filter so that timely aid can be dispensed in time to the deserving cases and prevent them from “slipping between the cracks” of society and ending up homeless. Sometimes, all they need is the occasional assistance and that there out humans out there who care to give a sign of hope; that they are not alone or that someone cares enough to find out more.

We have our Kechara Food Bank team leaders interview potential urban poor families on every Saturday. New volunteers are most welcomed to join and assist along the session.

Come and be a part of something bigger than ourselves. Come and learn a new interpersonal skill. Come and have your eyes opened to the vagaries of life.

Kindly contact us at 010-3333260 for registration.

KSK May 2019 stories

Story 1

Weekends, school holidays, public holidays, it’s the same. Food distribution continues because as Kechara soup Kitchen’s motto says it all, Hunger knows No Barriers.

On Labour Day 2019, food distribution continued as ever.  It is treated as a voluntary service to the community. Our volunteers rush, not crawl here out of a wish to pay it forward. On this night, 60 packets of vegetarian food was distributed to our registered clients. Why vegetarian? Because it transcends all religious believes. Afterall, there is no killing of any animals involved. There is no negative energy involved in helping someone assuage their hunger.

Story 2

Another aspect of Kechara Soup Kitchen. We not only feed the homeless but work hard to help them off the streets.

On May 4th, 2019, our volunteers managed to persuade Aunty Yeo who recently became homeless to be brought to one of our charity partners Kim Loo Ting Welfare Centre. After due consultation, they consented to give her permanent shelter here.

The dangerous streets are not a place for an eldelry 75-year-old like Aunty Yeo. It is also no way to live one’s supposedly golden years.

Thank you to the volunteers and to the welfare centre for helping another homeless off the streets.

Story 3

While on the street on the night of May 5th, our team caught up with this young gentleman who was walking around holding a walking stick. He seemed to be suffering from severe eye sight problem but sober.

He claimed that he actually came to the city to look for a job but became stranded instead having no where to go. He was previously staying in the school where he was acquiring skills to survive and adapt to his deteriorating eyesight.

He did go back to his hometown in Penang after the school but found little opportunity to survive there and wished to be independent. Hence he went looking for a job which can provide him a chance to live and survive in this city.

With the help from YAYASAN KEBAJIKAN NEGARA, we were able to provide him a temporary solution by affording him shelter in Anjung Singgah while he review his options. This will be the time where we will review his file and see what is the best option for him from here on.

Do help share and let us know if you have any contacts who can help him which can provide him a job and accommodation. Hopeful for any kind individual who will be able to help him pull through. Thanks in advance!

Story 4

Education has long been touted as a means and way out of extreme poverty and homelessness. Unfortunately, not much opportunity is available for many of the urban poor and the  homeless, especially the younger generation.

With basic education and employable skills, there is hope that they will be able to get a jobs to feed themselves when they grow up, learn the right moral values and most important of all, help the community.

Special thanks to Mewaholeo Industries Sdn. Bhd. , Mewaholeo for working with us to help children of the needy families under our care as their CSR project. We hope to engage them in simple tuition sessions while their mothers are busy attending our empowerment projects.

It is great that they have such a good CSR program to help educate the next generation and solve the problem from the root.

Story 5

All week long these ladies from our empowerment project have been putting in effort to produce these various products. Work that help to pay their bills, give their families a better life.

There are bag organizers with multiple spaces to store your individual items to keep things your Totes and handbags accessible. They come in various pretty colours and floral designs to suit your taste.

The bag measurements are 20cm ×18cm ×10cm. PRICE :RM20.

These bags are made by KSK EMPOWERMENT PROJECT ladies, who are stay home mums or single mothers. WA 0125303887 if you would like to support them. Pre orders are welcome.

And, our designs do change after a while to keep them up to date and relevant. Thus, after one year, our tissue pouch has a new look. So if you’re looking for a simple door gift or a sovereign to give visitors, please do consider these. There’re simple to use, washable and durable. PRICE: RM8. WA 012-5303887 if you’re interested to pre order.

Our empowerment project trainees do work on their tasks ever so attentively. We helped them be able to concentrate by ensuring that their children are nearby but are otherwise engaged in more constructive activities. They are in their classes with other volunteers in another room being entertained with games and fun lessons. Catching children’s attention in tuition classes is never easy, so we have mixed it a bit with fun filled sessions in order to catch their attention. All the while, their mothers are in another room, busy learning skills to earn an extra income.

If you, too, would like to assist underprivileged families in our empowerment programme, all that’s needed is to support them through the products they make. Help them be productive and provide for themselves. Making them proud that they can provide for their families and not depend on handouts. Help them keep their pride as a valuable member of society.

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