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A naga house update


A naga house update

Four months ago, we announced the Naga House project at Kechara Forest Retreat. A lot has happened since then and we want to share the progress with you.


The Naga House design follows the advice of His Eminence Kensur Rinpoche Lobsang Phende and the Venerable 7th Panglung Oracle. This includes: 

  • Traditional Tibetan-style roof
  • Buddha Shakyamuni on the main altar
  • Individual wall alcoves for 50 naga vases
  • Offering vessels of gold, silver or copper
  • Naga garden planted with sandalwood trees and flowers
  • Interior dimensions of 8ft x 8ft
  • White and yellow colours
Preliminary site plan
Preliminary interior view of the naga house


For auspicious beginnings and smooth progress, traditional pujas were performed before starting the construction.

  • JUNE 12 – DORJE SHUGDEN KANGSO at the site of the Naga House to bless the land and all beings residing there. Before commencing the puja, we informed the nagas and land deities of our intentions and requested their cooperation for smooth progress of the project.
  • JUNE 13 – EARTH VASE BURIAL at the very centre of the future Naga House. According to the Tibetan calendar, this was a big naga day (lutheb), which is a critical factor for the first day of construction.
Dorje Shugden kangso by our puja team and representatives of Tsem Ladrang. This was done at the site of the Naga House.
Burying the Earth Vase (sachog bumpa) under the watchful eye of Gen Lobsang Phuljung

A Visual Look at the Project

The Naga House is progressing well and we’re on track to complete the construction by mid September 2023. Landscaping of the naga garden will also be starting soon.

Inauguration Ceremony

On the morning of SEPTEMBER 13 — a big naga day — 50 consecrated naga vases will be invited to the Naga House. These naga vases were specially made for Kechara by the monks of Shar Gaden Monastery.

This will be followed by a welcoming naga puja comprising of extensive torma and incense offering rituals. The ceremony will be performed by visiting monks from India and Nepal.

As part of the ceremony, prayers and merits will be dedicated to all sponsors and supporters of the Naga House project. However, due to space restrictions, we regret that this puja is not open to the public. 🙏

Thereafter, offerings will be made at the Naga House on a monthly basis, dedicated to:

  • The swift return of H.E. Tsem Rinpoche’s unmistaken incarnation
  • The health, wealth and well-being of all sponsors
  • The fertility and harmony of the land and environment
  • The general well-being of all Kecharians
  • The continued growth of Tsem Ladrang and Kechara
  • The growth of Dharma in general

Thank you for taking the time to read this update. We hope you enjoyed it. 🙏

P.S.: If you would like to support this project – by sponsoring a naga vase or contributing towards the project in general, you can do so here:

Any amount is welcome and deeply appreciated.