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Commemorating Rinpoche’s 3rd Parinirvana Anniversary


Commemorating Rinpoche’s 3rd Parinirvana Anniversary

As we approach the time of His Eminence Tsem Rinpoche’s 3rd parinirvana anniversary, Kechara Forest Retreat is abuzz with preparations for a month of events and pujas.

Led by the Abbot Emeritus of Shar Gaden Monastery His Eminence Kensur Rinpoche Jetsun Lobsang Phende, visiting sangha will be engaging in a series of rituals to accumulate oceans of merits for our lama to return swiftly and continue his great works in turning the wheel of Dharma.

These pujas will help us accumulate great merits, clear huge obstacles, and create the causes to meet Rinpoche’s new incarnation soon.

The highlights of the month-long program are a 1000-Offering Lama Chopa Tsog on Rinpoche’s parinirvana anniversary day, and a three-day Rabney Chenmo ceremony to consecrate the Relic Stupas and statues in the Tsem Rinpoche Relic Temple.

These are just two of the many prayers being performed this month, and the roster of rituals was not put together arbitrarily. Some, such as the Vajra Yogini self-initiation and Chanting the Names of Manjushri, were recommended by Tsem Rinpoche himself prior to his parinirvana. Others, for example the 10,000-offering Kalarupa and Tara pujas, were recommended by Kensur Rinpoche. Yet others, like the Medicine Buddha and naga pujas were advised by Dorje Shugden.

The importance of the Guru’s parinirvana anniversary

The lama’s parinirvana anniversary is a precious opportunity for students to recall his kindness and compassion, and to rejoice in his enlightened deeds. It is also a time for students to contemplate on all that they have received from their lama and to generate a sense of gratitude.

What makes THIS year’s anniversary extra special is that we have completed both indoor and outdoor Relic Stupas. With their completion, we have fulfilled the prerequisites necessary to begin the actual process of finding Rinpoche’s incarnation.

These prerequisites are crucial not just to generate merits for Rinpoche’s return but in so many other ways too. Rinpoche was the ultimate planner, and made sure that his students would have virtuous projects to fuel our collection of merits until his return. In his lifetime, Rinpoche benefited countless sentient beings, whether it was through teachings, personal advice or compassion in action. And now, even in his physical absence, Rinpoche continues to be so complete in his kindness too.

From lama to protector, and from protector to student, one thing is for certain — everyone is working together to make Rinpoche’s swift return a reality, and it will not be possible to do this without your help. This month-long undertaking to remember Rinpoche’s compassion, and to set the stage for carrying on his legacy, will need supporters of every shape and form, whether as visitor, volunteer or sponsor.

We hope you will contribute and share in this celebration of Rinpoche’s life and deeds, as we begin 30 days of holy activities throughout September.

How you can participate

Admission to all pujas is free and you are invited to attend. To ensure we have enough seating for all guests, please RSVP your attendance here.

We also seek your kind sponsorship to help with the costs of all pujas held in conjunction with Tsem Rinpoche’s Parinirvana Anniversary.

  • Ordinary sponsor: RM30
  • Special sponsor: RM150
  • Bronze sponsor: RM300
  • Silver sponsor: RM750
  • Gold sponsor: RM1,500
  • Diamond sponsor: RM3,000
  • Grand sponsor: RM5,000

Your donation will help us with the cost of:

  • Puja offerings
  • Ritual substances
  • Food and travel for visiting Sangha
  • Temple upkeep and overheads

You can donate online to the Tsem Rinpoche Parinirvana Anniversary Fund at or WhatsApp us at Any amount is welcome and deeply appreciated.