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White Tara Practice + Tenshug Long Life Ceremony

September 25, 2022 @ 7:00 am - 1:00 pm

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Join us on Sunday, 25th September 2022 for a morning of life-extending rituals calling upon the blessings of the healing and long life Buddhas.

Event Details

  • 7.00 am White Tara long life practice + mantra chanting
  • 9.00 am Break
  • 10.00 am Tenshug long life ceremony
  • 1.00 pm Lunch
  • 3.00 pm Medicine Buddha puja + mantra chanting (click for details)
  • 5.00 pm End
These prayer ceremonies are dedicated:
  • For the long life of H.E. Kensur Rinpoche Lobsang Phende.
  • For H.E. Tsem Rinpoche’s new incarnation to have long life and manifest great Dharma activities just like in his previous lives.
  • For the long life and good health of all members, supporters and attendees.

An erudite master

Educated in the original Gaden Shartse Monastery in Tibet, His Eminence Kensur Rinpoche Lobsang Phende was just 12 years old when he received his novice vows from one of the greatest masters of our time, His Holiness Kyabje Zong Rinpoche.

Later, as the first abbot of Shar Gaden Monastery, Kensur Rinpoche became widely credited for the crucial role he played in keeping the lineage and practice of Dorje Shugden alive. Our founder, His Eminence Tsem Rinpoche, often spoke of his deep respect and affection for Kensur Rinpoche, not only for the purity of his monkhood but for his willingness and bravery to lead over 600 monks during a time of great obstacles and uncertainty.

A worrying development
Lately, this holy master has been manifesting ill health which is no coincidence or accident. Lamas of Kensur Rinpoche’s calibre have full control over their birth and passing. They manifest solely for the benefit of sentient beings and when the karmic causes for that benefit begin to wane, they can choose to enter clear light and take rebirth in a younger, newer form in order to continue their work under more suitable conditions.
A disciple’s responsibility

During this degenerate age, lamas of Kensur Rinpoche’s generation, traditionally trained and pure in practice, are far and few in between. Their knowledge and attainments are a precious healing resource sorely needed in a world full of anger, pain and suffering.

Thus as practitioners and supporters of the lineage, it is our responsibility to keep creating the causes for these rare beings to remain with us. One such method is by offering a Tenshug Long Life Ceremony. During a tenshug, students make fervent requests to the lama to remain longer with us. If the lama accepts the tenshug, he will extend his life in order to continue turning the wheel of Dharma.

A powerful offering​

After repeated requests by representatives of Tsem Ladrang, Kechara and the visiting Sangha at Kechara Forest Retreat, Kensur Rinpoche has humbly accepted an offering of a Tenshug Long Life Ceremony.

This auspicious ritual will be performed by representatives from the main monasteries of our lineage, including Shar Gaden, Serpom, Phegyeling and Segyu, and they will be joined by qualified lamas and geshes from Europe, North America and Asia.

Benefits for sponsors and attendees

  • Extends lifespan
  • Averts life-threatening obstacles
  • Increases the efficacy of medicines and medical treatment
  • Strengthens the connection to the guru + lineage lamas
  • Creates causes for the lama to remain
  • Creates causes for Dharma to grow
  • Continuous stream of merits as a result of the lama’s on-going activities

How you can participate

Admission to the puja is free and all are welcome to attend. If you are attending, you can actively participate in the ceremony by making a personal tenshug offering to H.E. Kensur Rinpoche.

Here are some suggestions of what you can offer based on Tibetan Buddhist tradition:

  • Body, speech or mind representations of healing, long life or increase e.g. images, statues, pendants, scriptures, books or stupas related to long life Buddhas such as Amitayus, White Tara, Namgyalma, Medicine Buddha, Shize, Gyenze, etc.
  • Body, speech, mind representations based on the lama’s personal practices e.g. images, statues, pendants, scriptures, books or stupas relating to Lama Tsongkhapa, Vajrayogini, Manjushri, Dorje Shugden, and many other deities.
  • Auspicious items e.g. the Eight Auspicious Signs, the Seven Royal Emblems, the Eight Auspicious Substances, mandalas and other auspicious symbols of abundance and growth such as butter, rice, tea, fruits, flowers, jewels, precious stones, etc.
  • Symbolic representations of Dharma activities e.g. thrones, seats, throne brocades, carpets, robes, ceremonial hats, ritual implements, offering vessels, offering items, etc.
  • Direct contributions towards Kensur Rinpoche’s health e.g. medical care, medicines, supplements, healthy foods/beverages, medical equipment and so on. It is important that these items are suitable for Kensur Rinpoche’s health condition. For this reason, it is recommended to donate towards items pre-approved by his medical care team.
  • Offerings of practice and transformation e.g. taking vows, committing to a retreat, going vegetarian, saving lives, making a promise to abandon negative habits for a period of time, etc.
What to bring
  • Khatas

    Minimum: 2x for Tsem Rinpoche and Kensur Rinpoche, or 5x for all high lamas.

  • Kuyong

    Minimum: 2x for Tsem Rinpoche and Kensur Rinpoche, or 22x for all monks.

  • Personal tenshug offering

    • Optional but recommended.
    • You will have the opportunity to present your personal offering to Kensur Rinpoche as part of the tenshug puja.
    • This can be a physical item based on the suggestions provided, or a donation towards Kensur Rinpoche’s medical needs.
    • If you wish to make a donation, bring it with you and offer it during the ceremony. Please write how you wish your donation to be used so we can allocate it correctly.
    • Physical offerings should be presented with a khata OR beautifully decorated to the best of your ability.
    • If you are not able to attend in person, we can present your offerings on your behalf. Please contact us at for details.

You can also contribute towards the costs of the tenshug ceremony via the Tsem Rinpoche Parinirvana Anniversary Fund. Donate online at or WhatsApp us at Any amount is welcome and deeply appreciated.

Together, let’s create the oceans of merits needed so we can continue our direct connection with this holy being.


September 25, 2022
7:00 am - 1:00 pm
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