Vajrayogini and Other Sacred Power Places of Nepal

20 December 2009 - 2:15pm Comments Off

Sexy, blazing red and portraying every aspect of our base desires – on first glance, Vajrayogini seems the total opposite of all that we associate with Buddhahood…she’s not gentle, she’s not calm, and she’s definitely not serene!

But look a little closer…

…and let Vajrayogini and Other Sacred Power Places of Nepal show you just how ancient and sacred Vajrayogini’s practice really is, and why she is an object worthy of refuge.

DISCOVER her enlightened form.

GAZE upon images of her that have never been seen outside the holy temples she resides in.

RETRACE the footsteps of the pilgrimage of a lifetime, taking you to other sacred sites in the Rooftop of the World.

EXPERIENCE the power of the enlightened mind in its many manifestations.

Give it to others as a gift, as a coffee table book filled with stunning visual imagery of a beautiful city vibrant and alive with holy nooks and crannies everywhere you turn.

Or treat it as more than just a book, as your means of making a connection with our holy mother, the Queen of the Dakinis.

Get your hands on this book, now available at your nearest Kechara Paradise outlet and, and coming soon to the Kechara eShop. This beautiful book can also be found at your nearest MPH, Kinokuniya or Times Bookstores, and at KLIA and other airports.

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