Nepal Pilgrimage: Are You Coming With Us?

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Join a 5D4N pilgrimage to the sacred sites of Nepal this coming March 2016. Sacred power places are imbued with the blessed energies of the many enlightened Beings who have resided, practised and benefited countless other beings in that particular location.

When we go to these places, show reverence, make offerings and aspirational prayers, we create the direct causes to attain this same state of compassion and to gain the same enlightened qualities that these beings had.

~ H.E. the 25th TSEM RINPOCHE

Pilgrimages are not a holiday and we should not do the things that we usually do as tourists. Rather, we visit holy sites for the betterment of our spiritual practice, and to realign ourselves on the spiritual path to Enlightenment.


Date: 20 – 25 March 2016 (5D4N)

Tour Guide Language:: Mandarin Chinese

Holy sites to be visited: Vajrayogini Tempes, Boudhanath Stupa, Tara Chapel, Chenrezig Temple, Naropa and Tilopa Caves and many more.

Contact: For more details please contact: Jerry: 0162889740 |  Wylfred: 0173928069

H.E. Tsem Rinpoche at the Naropa Cave

Tilopa’s retreat cave next to Naropa’s cave.

The self-arising Tara which arose spontaneously from this rock and becomes clearer and clearer every year.

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