Time to be free!

7 September 2010 - 3:28am Comments Off

Reciting Shantideva's dedication prayers after the fish are liberated

Last Sunday was our animal liberation day again! A group of enthusiastic Kechara volunteers and participants all gathered together on an auspicious Sunday morning at Kepong Metropolitan Park to free the fish. It might have been raining heavily but it did not dampen the spirits of those gathered to liberate sentient beings…in fact, such was the enthusiasm of our group that despite the downpour, two families strolling in the park took notice of our activities and actually stopped to take part in the liberation with us!

Releasing animals is to create the causes for us to generate compassion by helping beings with no ulterior motive on our part. It is also to encourage others not to eat animals, and to promote a vegetarian lifestyle by releasing beings from their sufferings. Animal liberation is held the first Sunday of every month.

If you wish to sponsor some animals, or for more information, please click HERE or contact Nicholas Yu at [email protected] or +6016 209 0541.

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