Terrapin therapy

21 August 2010 - 3:59pm Comments Off

Kecharians do not just liberate animals, but we follow up with the animals as well. Volunteers have gone back to check on the condition of the fish we regularly liberate in Kepong Metropolitan Park, as well as at Bukit Jalil. We have now begun feeding terrapins at a nearby temple as well, to teach children about the importance of caring for those who cannot thank us for helping them.

Kechara’s inaugural terrapin-feeding session took place this past weekend, with eight participants feeding 7.5kg of yummy pellets. The activity attracted enough attention for other temple visitors to ask if they could join in the feedings…well, the more, the merrier!

Get involved! Keep your eyes on our website for further information on our next Terrapin Therapy session, and make some of our rescued semi-aquatic friends very happy!

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