Two Men and a Runaway Boy

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Pakcik Abdul’s Food Bank Story

Pakcik Abdul is too old to work. He has health issues and lives alone. His sole income comes from painting and arranging plastic flowers to make Malay wedding decorations, which he showed to our volunteers. He sells his wares in the wet market outside his rented room in Sentul.

It is very hard for him to make ends meet. Hence, we will try our best to send him our Food Bank parcels regularly. Kechara screens all cases based on their income levels, medical status and economic circumstances before they are admitted into the Food Bank program.

Samples of flower decorations which Pak Cik Abdul makes to sell.

Uncle Jeffrey Receives Medical Help

Uncle Jeffrey has been resistant to receiving help from Kechara Soup Kitchen, fearing pain and not wanting to face his long standing medical issues. He has uncontrolled diabetes and other related health issues. If left untreated, it will create serious repercussions. We have been trying to coax him to get medical attention for the past one year.

Last Thursday night, we paid Uncle Jeffrey a visit at his usual sleeping corner near a café. Fortunately that night we managed to convince him into going to the hospital for treatment. That night itself, he received treatment from the doctors and was admitted into the hospital. He panicked when the nurses tried to take his blood for tests. Fortunately the results were positive. We are very glad that it was not too late to save his feet from amputation. The next step is good nursing and daily care.

Today we helped Uncle Jeffrey settle into Pusat Transit Gelandangan Kuala Lumpur so that he can receive daily dressing from the hospital and have his glucose levels monitored.

A Runaway Boy

The team came across a traumatised 14-year-old teenager near Central Market area last night. He was very reluctant to talk much and it took us quite a while to slowly calm him down. We had our medic team assess him. He was suffering from fever and there were also some blisters on his right foot.

The boy opened up slowly and shared that he ran away from his home in Hulu Selangor and ended up in KL. He was worried that we would bring him back to his home, as he claimed that he was being physically abused by his mother and stepfather. We sent him to the shelter in Pusat Transit Gelandangan Kuala Lumpur and referred him to the hospital for further health assessment and procedures.

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