Kuala Lumpur Soup Kitchen Report: 18 – 24 April 2016

24 April 2016 - 3:34pm Comments Off

Kechara Soup Kitchen received very good news this morning from Pusat Pembedahan Katarak Maiwp – Hospital Selayang. KSK’s client Mr Guna who is on the brink of losing his eyesight if left untreated, had his first cataract removal operation done early this morning. Thank you very much to both Wendy Ho and Sook Ling for helping Mr Guna through it all. Special thanks to Dr Valarmarthy for facilitating the process. For Mr Guna, this is definitely a special moment as his eyesight is now definitely clearer!

Cik Siti has been in KL for the past 12 months or so. According to her, she can no longer sustain her life in the city due to her inability to secure a job. She has no basic qualifications and felt it is even harder for her to get a job after she became homeless because her savings ran out. She seemed disturbed when we approached her on the streets and was pretty adamant to return home to Johor. She came to KL with high expectations but sadly it did not work out for her. We took her to the bus station to purchase her bus tickets to go back to her hometown. We wish Cik Siti the best of luck in her future undertakings.

KSK provides basic medical care to the homeless and urban poor. Last night we had four doctors serving the needy in four different locations across the city. The medical cases were referred to the medic team by the food distribution team who goes out in search of clients to deliver food to. Thank you very much to all the teams who worked hard to serve the clients!

KSK’s volunteers will walk the pedestrian bridges and streets to deliver food to the clients. Last night we served egg burgers, fruits, bread, biscuits as well as bottled drinks for them to consume immediately or to keep for the next few days. A total of 1,090 sets of food were delivered last night.

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