Kechara Soup Kitchen Updates: January to March 2018

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MARCH 2018

Story 1

Our Johor team worked with the Blind Association of Johor to help Amira. Amira turned blind quiterecently and her mother (single mother and also an OKU) is struggling to taking care of her. KSK worked out some plans to assist her and her family to cope with her new predicament.

Our Johor team worked with the Blind Association of Johor to help Amira. Amira turned blind quiterecently and her mother (single mother and also an OKU) is struggling to taking care of her. KSKworked out some plans to assist her and her family to cope with her new predicament.

Story 2

Our skills training team headed by Elsie Yeoh was in Pusat Transit Gelandangan Kuala Lumpur today to empower our clients with some skill sets. Everyone of them had a two hour session to learn how to make an income by making rugs out of soiled t-shirts. Many of them showed interest. They get paid RM10 for ever piece of good rug they make. These rugs are for sale at RM10, so do private message us at Kechara Soup Kitchen if you are interested to support the cause. Thank you!

Story 3

An update on Uncle X, a homeless, whom KSK sent to a nursing home on 13th February 2018 as he was too weak to take care of himself after he was discharged from Penang Hospital. Our medical team volunteered to take turns to change his dressing at the home. Pictures below were taken on 26th February 2018 and clearly his wound is recovering well and he is now able to sit on a wheel chair. Great!


Story 1

During our daily food distribution in KSK Imbi this morning I-Inspire sponsored products to help the clients with their skin problems. Angpows were also given away to every client to celebrate Chinese New Year!

Story 2

KSK Penang team visited 25 patients undergoing dialysis in Penang Hospital this morning to give them goody bags and angpao.

Some of the patients have to travel from afar to go for dialysis three times a week. Some of them have been going for dialysis for more than twenty years and some of them were very young children. Most of them are from the lower income families and we will soon be visiting them at their homes to provide basic food groceries to them.

Thank you to Dr Liew Yew Fong-Nephrology consultant, Puan Nurul-Unit Perhubungan Awam and Encik Hafizee Zalian-Penolong Pengawai Perubatan U32 for granting us the visit.

Thank you to all sponsors and volunteers for making this possible. Thank you to some of the recipients for allowing us to take photos while some were too camera shy.

Story 3

Three months ago, 43 year old Tan lost his job after suffering from an accident during work.  Due to his injury he could not get a full time job and resorted to part time work to help cover his expenses. At times he had to sleep on the streets when there was insufficient funds to rent a place to stay. He has no immediate family members who can help shelter him. Today, we sent him to Hospital Serdang to follow up with his medical issues. His case is a classic example of someone who’s life is unstable due to poverty.People like Tan has very little social system support to help them.

Story 4

Launching of @CAT Food Bank. Supported by IMAX TECH Solution, this is the first food bank in the world at a coworking space. The public can now donate household groceries and it will be channeled to Kechara Soup Kitchen where the items will be distributed to those in need.


Story 1

KSK team came across Maniam while distributing food in Anjung Singgah last Saturday night. Maniam shared that he was recently robbed of all his money and belongings. He is physically disabled due to an accident many years ago. Maniam was very happy when we offered to buy him a bus ticket back to his hometown.

This is a common reason for some who are stranded and left homeless after losing all their belongings in a robbery, especially if they have no friends or family in the city to help them.

Story 2

KSK received a distress call from a mother of 7 children seeking help last Saturday. We immediately despatched a team over, lead by Sonny and Christine. Yati and her children, age 13 to 6 months old were staying in a low cost flat in Shah Alam with her husband who works as a garbage collector. They ran out of money to buy food and hence the family has been hungry for a few days. The team immediately bought and sponsored food and other provisions for this family.

Yati and the family has recently moved to Chow Kit where her husband found a better paying job. We are very thankful to both Sonny and Christine for helping them and taking care of their needs.

Story 3

During one of our rounds in the city, KSK chanced upon an 80 year old man Uncle Ang, who was collecting recyclable items from the streets.We followed him around observing before revealing ourselves when we saw him dragging the recyclables up the stairs.

Uncle Ang was a little bit shocked initially but trusted us after he saw the activity photos we showed him. We were shocked to see all the recyclables that were collected in his house. Uncle Ang lives with his wife Aunty Wong who is 70 years old. They have no children and makes an income from selling recyclables.

Uncle Ang ,despite his age, he is still very strong and healthy, would walk around the neighbourhood looking for recyclables and bring it back to Aunty Wong to sort into categories. They earn a meagre income of less than RM400 per month to make ends meet and most times way lesser than that especially during the rainy seasons. The couple also receives monthly welfare aid from Jabatan Kebajikan Masyarakat Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur.

KSK Foodbank will visit them regularly to help them out with some food provisions and other basic necessities. They also need financial help with their medicines.


Another eventful night arranging for an ambulance to take one of our regular homeless client to Penang Hospital for further treatment. Uncle X has been sick for sometime and his health deteriorated so badly this week. When we visited him this week, he was having difficulties breathing, his leg was badly infected and he had high fever. He purged and urinated on his trishaw and he couldn’t get up to walk as he was very weak. After some persuasion, he agreed to allow us to call an ambulance to send him to the hospital for proper checkup and treatment.


KSK received a request from one of our Foodbank client to check out on a family who is in dire straight. The house is bare and the father works as a guard taking care of his mother and his daughter who are both disabled (OKU). The old lady has a physical disability and the daughter is blind and unable to walk. During our visit we noticed the daughter grasping a toy close to her eyes.  The old lady started weeping when sharing her predicaments with us.

The daughter is now schooling in a special school nearby and the father normally works on midnight shifts in order to be able to ferry her daughter to the special school as he cannot afford a school bus service with the low income that he earns.

The mother of the girl left the family ever since she found out about the daughter’s deficiencies

This family  needs financial help with the rental of their PPR flat and also for general provisions. KSK Foodbank team will look into the needs and provide regular aid to this family.

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