Helping Very Sick Ah Ling

15 June 2017 - 6:39pm Comments Off

During a Saturday night distribution round, we were alerted that one of our long time clients, Ah Ling, was very sick. After noting that Ah Ling had pus and blood stains on her clothes, the medical team assessed that she had a serious infection and would need more extensive help than what they could provide. They recommended that she be admitted to a clinic or hospital.

Ah Ling was initially reluctant and our team had to spend hours convincing her to seek medical help. Ah Ling told us that she suffers from mild schizophrenic spells. Although she insisted she was alright, Ah Ling showed signs of being in pain.

Building trust with our clients is always hard. Luckily Ah Ling was familiar with some of our volunteers and had been receiving food aid from Kechara for awhile. With much patience, L/Corporal Rohani finally managed to convince Ah Ling to go to the hospital for treatment. With the help from Corporal Suhaili and L/Corporal Azmir, they took her to the hospital.

A big thank you to PDRM and the kind medical team from Hospital Kuala Lumpur, especially Dr Suffian, for helping her. Thank you very much to the team, including Dr Valarmathy who was volunteering on her birthday and stayed up to help Ah Ling until 7am in the morning. One of our volunteers, Winnie Chen, was also there through the night to translate for Ah Ling.

After Ah Ling was admitted to the hospital, we were able to contact her brother with whom she had lost contact. The reunion was a tearful one as it dawned on us that Ah Ling’s brother was not aware of the extent of Ah Ling’s schizophrenia. The siblings listened together as the doctor told them about the huge ulcer that Ah Ling had and how its infection would require daily dressings.

We found out a lot about Ah Ling’s past from her brother – how their father had left them when they were still very young, how she never attended school, how the older brother had quit school to help their mother take care of the family expenses, how she got married at a very young age, how her ex-husband turned to drugs, how Ah Ling began to slowly show signs of schizophrenia, how she jumped down from a highway flyover and suffered a back injury as a result and how she ran away from the house shortly after.

Her brother is determined not to lose his sister again and told Kechara volunteers that he intends to take up the responsibility of helping Ah Ling to recover both physically and mentally. We hope she will recover from this illness swiftly.

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