Help on the Streets and Beyond

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Food Bank Helps Single Mom Feed Her Kids

Struggling to support her family, this single mother of three, found a job at a factory a few weeks ago. However, she only gets to work whenever there is an order at the factory, hence she is earning very little.

She stopped attending school since Form One and her husband left her for another woman about six months ago. They’ve just recently moved into this unit located in Klang with minimal furniture. Worse, some parts of the unit are leaking water. She admitted that her family who live nearby are reluctant to offer help, but she’s lucky to have a couple of friends who are willing to help her. Her two elder daughters also help ease the situation by taking care of each other, despite having to juggle their studies.

Although this family is worse off financially, it is evident that they’re better off emotionally as a family. And the Kechara Food Bank team is glad to support them during this difficult time.

Food Redistribution

Food supplies provided by QSR Trading were redistributed via Kechara’s Food Bank to local non-governmental organisation partners.

Medical Care for the Homeless

Many homeless individuals suffer from health problems, trying to survive in harsh physical environments. Kechara Soup Kitchen is committed to ensure that these individuals have equitable access to healthcare services by assisting them through their medical appointments.

Homeless Man Reunited with Family

A client who lived on the streets was reunited with his family. From homelessness to productive lives, the first step is crucial: Finding a place to live. That’s the approach of Kechara Soup Kitchen to get people off the streets and into new lives.

Bringing Mobile Medical Services to Homeless People

On Saturday night, while the food distribution activities were ongoing around Kuala Lumpur city, our medical team delivered healthcare services to those who needed them most.

Food for the Homeless

During a recent Saturday night food distribution in the city of Kuala Lumpur, 1,060 of our street friends received food packs and drinks. We would like to thank the sponsors who made it happen and the volunteers on hand who helped give out items to the poor and homeless.

A group of KSK volunteers delivered 150 meals to those struggling to survive rough on the streets of Johor Bahru. We’re very grateful to the sponsors and volunteers for their generous contributions.

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