Chakras & Ruels: A February Offer!

10 February 2012 - 10:24pm 1 Comment

Kechara Paradise is having a promotion* on chakras and ruels for the month of February 2012! Ever wondered how to protect yourself and your loved ones from negative energies, and to have a smooth and good year ahead? Then you’d want to grab this opportunity to get your chakra and ruel for protection and blessings.

What is a chakra? Chakras are blessed talismans containing the Buddha’s essence, power and protection. They contain a piece of paper, adorned with saffron, which has diagrams, mantras and prayers written on it while the outer surface of the chakra is covered with traditional hand-woven Tibetan designs.

Kechara Paradise’s chakras are hand-made and consecrated by monks in a careful process that include prayers and mantras to bless the chakras and seal the energies of the Buddha within. We offer many different types of chakras, each with a specific purpose and benefit which ranges from wisdom, healing, longevity to wealth.

What is a ruel? Tibetan ruels (amulet) contain powerful energy to bless and protect, and are efficacious in turning away charms, black magic and negating bad energies sent by people with jealousy and hatred.

Kechara Paradise’s ruels are specially hand made by monks in the monastery and prayers are done to consecrate the ruels. Ruels contains mantras and other precious and rare ingredients such as raw gold or silver and holy items. Small and lightweight, they offer great blessings and protection.

These ruels are easy to keep close at hand. Both chakras and ruels can be worn around the neck, hung in the car or over the door of your office and home.

GREAT OFFERS like this aren’t something worth missing! To grab hold of this offer, do call or visit us at any our outlets for more information.

See you soon!

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