Rare Photos of Vajrayogini Chapels

9 May 2009 - 5:11am Comments Off

As the Nepalese hold their chapels very sacred they usually do not allow photographs to be taken of their central Buddha images. However, Liaison Paul Yap, who is currently in Nepal, managed to get special permission to take photographs of these very special, sacred and ancient Vajrayogini statues at Monasteries in Sangku and Parphing. These very rare images are shared with all KH members and friends for you to see these extremely holy forms of Vajrayogini and to create a strong connection with her and her practice.

The central Vajrayogini image of Sangku Monastery. This image was modelled after a real Nepalese yogini who practised Vajrayogini, gained many attainments and achieved the same state as Vajrayogini during her lifetime. After she passed away, her body was cremated and her relics placed inside this statue.

Vajrayogini statue at Sangku Monastery

Vajrayogini statue at Parphing. This form of Vajrayogini is with one leg up and one leg down. Note the extremely abundant and wonderful offerings that totally cover this statue, marking the thousands of prayers that devotees have made throughout the years.

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