The First Time in Retreat!

10 November 2017 - 12:48am Comments Off

Shakila Rajendra recently completed a short Dorje Shugden retreat in Dukkar Apartments because she felt that she needed some time away to meditate as well as to overcome the disturbances she had recently experienced after moving into her new house.

After consulting Pastor Jean Ai, who said that the disturbances could be caused by unseen beings, a three-day Dorje Shugden retreat was recommended as Shakila’s “treatment”.

Before she started, she felt excited but also overwhelmed with the preparations at one point. However, with Pastor Jean Ai’s guidance, everything went smoothly. After completing the retreat, she felt a sense of accomplishment even thought it was a bit intense as it was her first time.

She hopes to engage in another retreat in the near future, and she has become more familiar with the rituals and offering requirements.

We hope that she returns for more retreats soon and that all her disturbances are cleared.

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