Ruchok: A rare blessing

28 April 2011 - 1:34am Comments Off

Ladrang is offering you the very rare and special chance to bless your loved ones and beloved pets by sending in your own, your family’s, your friends’ or your pets’ hair or nails for His Eminence Tsem Rinpoche to perform ruchok for them. A ritual related to the tantric deity Vajrayogini, ruchok is a highly meritorious ceremony to bless the mindstream of the person or your beloved pets, whether alive or deceased.

After the ruchok ceremony, the hair or nails will be inserted into the 8-foot personal Vajrayogini statue of Rinpoche which Ladrang is making to be enshrined in Rinpoche’s Ladrang (personal residence and office). The statue will also be filled with incense, smaller statues, as well as hard disks and thumb drives filled with billions of holy mantras, sacred images of Vajrayogini and the Lamrim text…for your images to be next to such holy, powerful items all day and night is a blessing in itself!

Ruchok is a ceremony during which tremendous amounts of karma will be purified and, through the power of the Buddha, the person or animal is blessed with a good, healthy life and a positive rebirth in their future lives..

If you are interested, please send some hair or nail clippings of your still-living or deceased pets or loved ones to us. Please keep their nails or hair inside a small plastic ZipLoc bag labelled with their name, and a note to say whether they are currently living or are deceased. For further information, please contact Carmen Koo at [email protected] or +6019 333 6663.

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