Own A Piece of History Today: 7 Limited Edition Paintings

27 January 2012 - 5:35pm Comments Off

Opportunity knocks just once. If you’ve missed it, it might take a long long time to come by again…

Tsem Ladrang is happy to bring you an extremely special opportunity to invite home seven paintings done by H.E. Tsem Rinpoche. Each painting comes with a poem, which was composed by Rinpoche himself.

The paintings and poems represent what Rinpoche personally feels about some Buddhas like Vajrayogini and Green Tara.
The paintings also represent a return to Rinpoche’s artistic beginnings. As a child, Rinpoche drew Buddha images, and gave them to people to wear as an amulet, or for blessings and protection. It has been at least 30 years since Rinpoche last drew and as you will see, Rinpoche has not lost his artistic talents.

Now, these paintings are available for anyone to invite home by participating in a silent auction, open from 6th Jan – 8th Feb 2012. The paintings are on display in the prefunction area of Kechara House.

Vajrayogini Painting 1

Vajrayogini Painting 2


Vajrayogini Painting 3

Vajrayogini Painting 4


Vajrayogini Painting 5

Vajrayogini Painting 6


Why should you bid for these paintings? These paintings are extremely rare because they are a high lama’s personal feelings about a Buddha. They are very precious because we do not know when Rinpoche will draw or compose again…they’re a piece of history and a very effective blessing that you can have in your house or office.

Also these paintings are original, and there are no reproductions so once they are gone, they are gone!

Green Tara Painting 1

Green Tara Painting 2


So don’t miss your chance to get these very personal drawings done by Rinpoche himself.

To make your bid, if you find a painting you like, please write down how much you would like to pay for it and write it on the auction form next to each painting. If you are not able to visit Kechara House in person, please email your bid to Beng Kooi at bengkooi@tsemladrang.com. If you’re the lucky winner, then we will contact you and let you know, so make sure your details are correct.

Good luck!

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