Inside the new gift building

1 August 2013 - 3:42pm Comments Off

The wait is over, and it’s finally complete! Welcome to the new gift section at Kechara Forest Retreat; a standalone building beside the beautiful Wisdom Hall where the Public Relations team of Tsem Ladrang operates from.

Starting out from a humble 400 square feet room in the Ladrang in Kuala Lumpur, to a 900 square feet gift cum office space at the Ladrang in Kechara Forest Retreat, the gift section has expanded by leaps and bounds in both its physical space and human resource. The team consisting of 5 people, led by Ladrang Liaison Chuah Su Ming, now occupies an area of 5,881 square feet and filled with hundreds (and soon to be thousands) of gifts.

The brand new gift section of Tsem Ladrang is extremely spacious, practical, contemporary, and very much like a well-designed eco-friendly warehouse. Almost two thirds of the building is used as functional storage space for gifts such as statues, thangkas, posters, tsa-tsas, toys, bags and others while the rest of the building houses an office area, a rest area, a pantry as well as washrooms. Many days of hard work by the team and dedicated volunteers have led to the gift section’s successful relocation into the gift building on the 1st of August 2013. We would like to extend our gratitude and appreciation to the generous sponsors, volunteers, and every individual involved in getting the building ready for full operation.

This new building is extremely feasible in aiding Tsem Rinpoche to continue choosing gifts for others; something which Rinpoche highly enjoys doing. For Rinpoche, giving a gift to someone, whether local or beyond the shores, is always done with a great amount of love and care. For the person in mind, Rinpoche would consider everything; from the individual’s likes to their unique style, favourite colour to their needs. Rinpoche would pick out the perfect gift, bless it with a prayer or two and always with the wish for the individual to have peace and happiness.

If you are in Kechara Forest Retreat, do pop in to say hi to the friendly team and explore this extremely modern, creative and meaningful gift building.

Bird's eye view of the layout of the new gift building

Poster & framed pictures on a nice and simple display cage

Shelves of gifts categorized by function and type

The comfortable rest area with bunk beds to accommodate the staff

The office and work area with a conference table

The old 900 sq feet Gift Room at the Kechara Forest Retreat Ladrang

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