A beautiful offer to gain merits

12 April 2011 - 12:33pm Comments Off

The merits of sponsoring the construction of a temple is already so great, so imagine the opportunity to sponsor the personal statue of an enlightened Being like His Eminence Tsem Rinpoche which is even rarer and more precious.

Kechara House is making an 8-foot Vajrayogini statue to be enshrined in Rinpoche’s Ladrang (personal residence and office), which will later be moved to the Ladrang in Kechara World Peace Centre, and are appealing for sponsorship. This can be towards the statue, or towards the hard disks and thumb drives that will be filled with billions of holy mantras, sacred images of Vajrayogini and the Lam rim text to be inserted into the statue.

The tradition of filling Buddha statues with billions of images and mantras is meant to create immeasurable merits towards achieving a Buddha body – for those who supplicate, prostrate, make offerings, prayers and recite mantras towards these holy statues, they will gain the same merits of invoking the blessings of billions of Buddhas.

According to the Buddha, just looking at a line drawing of the Buddha (even when angry) will plant the seed of Enlightenment in the mindstream of the beholder…so just imagine the amount of merits we can accumulate if we are to make offerings, prostrations and prayers to this image with devotion and faith!

With Rinpoche performing prayers in front of the Vajrayogini statue daily, each time he prostrates, make offerings and recites prayers in front of the statue, the blessings the sponsors will gather will be multiplied millions of times over. All these merits are accumulated in relation towards gaining the enlightened body, speech and mind of a Buddha.

By attaining a Buddha body, we purify lifetimes of negative karma, resulting in longevity (a long life), a body free of disease, a body that is charismatic, and beautiful to look at (especially in future lives), and gain attainments both worldly and spiritually. We also attain the wisdom to understand, realise and embody the entire Lam rim, which contains the road map to Enlightenment.

Sponsorship of a hard disk costs RM500 and a thumb drive costs RM200, but any amount of sponsorship will be appreciated. For further information about sponsoring the cost of this holy statue, please contact Wendy Ho (+6012 667 6271), Lim Tat Ming (+6012 224 1862) or Carmen Koo (+6019 333 6663).

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