The lucky winners of these extraordinary paintings are…

4 March 2012 - 11:59pm Comments Off

We are happy to announce five lucky persons who grabbed the special opportunity to invite home seven paintings done by H.E. Tsem Rinpoche Rinpoche during a silent auction done last month!

Each painting comes with a poem, which was composed by Rinpoche himself. The paintings and poems represent what Rinpoche personally feels about some Buddhas like Vajrayogini and Green Tara.
The paintings also represent a return to Rinpoche’s artistic beginnings. The following are the winners fo r the silent auction:

  1. Grace Leong – she invited home the painting titled “Celestial Seekers”
  2. Gwee Saw Tin – she invited home the painting titled “Mother of all Mothers”
  3. Sharon Saw – she invited home 2 paintings: “Red Lady of the Night” & “Crimson Sky Dancer”
  4. Rena Wong – she invited home the painting: “Primordial Mother”
  5. Dato Ham – he invited home 2 paintings : “Cosmic Delights” and “Lady from the Khadira Forest”"

We congratulate all the lucky winners who won the opportunity of a lifetime!

Grace Leong invited home "Celestial Seekers"

Gwee Saw Tin (left) invited home "Mother of all Mothers". On the right is Mrs Chuah

Rena Wong (left) and daugther invited home "Primordial Mother"

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