Kechara House Offers Corporate Pujas

23 September 2016 - 2:32am Comments Off

In life, we constantly face obstacles and challenges such as financial difficulties, health problems, losing loved ones, interferences from spirits, black magic and accidents. Pujas are one of the many methods to help us find relief and clear immediate obstacles so that we can receive the positive effects now and in the future.

Besides individually-sponsored pujas which are performed in-house, Kechara’s Puja House also performs Corporate Pujas for businesses, organisations, associations and companies who seek divine assistance to clear the obstacles of the businesses, and to receive the protection and blessings of the Three Jewels.

We have performed Corporate Pujas for a variety of industries including hotels, shopping centres, industrial companies, offices and business premises as well as land blessings. Not only do these pujas remove obstacles that are hindering business operations, they also bless the environment with positive energy, harmony, peace and protection not to mention increased productivity.

To learn more about Corporate Pujas, please call us at 012 987 3908.

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