Gompa update – 10 November 2010

9 November 2010 - 2:56pm 3 Comments

Tsongkhapa and what will eventually become his grand altar

Inner and outer transformation is what we are working towards and this week, we see more transformation in Kechara’s new gompa. Datuk May Phng and Mr Ngeow came to the gompa at 11pm on 2 November 2010 to evaluate the work of the contractor. At 11:55pm, Datuk May Phng, President of Kechara House who led the renovations, accepted practical completion of the gompa…much to the elation of contractors and consultants as they are all well aware of Datuk May’s high standards!

Datuk May’s acceptance symbolised that the gompa is now 95% completed. This coming week, the contractor will be working on touch-ups and ironing out a few fine details.

As you walk into the gompa, what we have now is a beautiful reception area with Kechara’s now-famous BAM logo. The retail outlet’s cabinets have been installed, and brightly coloured fabric panels have been put in place in the multi-purpose hall, with lighting fixtures carefully positioned.

Vajrayogini's seed syllable greets all visitors

On the first floor in the gompa, much work is being done to prepare three magnificent altars for Lama Tsongkhapa, Vajrayogini and Lord Setrap. Golden textured panels have been put up on the wall behind Tsongkhapa’s place on the altar. It certainly adds to the grandness of the hall. Custom-made meditation cushions have also been delivered…really, it’s all of the finer details now being worked on, and our gompa will be ready very soon!

From our Guru’s compassionate blessings to the generous contributions of sponsors and the detailed care of Datuk May, Mr Ngeow and everyone involved; everything has been thoughtfully created to provide the most conducive conditions for our Dharma practice. Are you ready to work on inner transformation?

A multi-purpose hall with niches for statues of Manjushri, Vajrasattva and Guru Rinpoche (Padmasambhava)
Workers apply the finishing touches on the main altar in the gompa
Datuk May (in white) speaks to contractors about the work that remains
Fabric panelling at the back of the new gompa has been put up

3 Responses to Gompa update – 10 November 2010

  1. congratulation!!!!!!! kacharian well done.What a beautiful transformation.
    God Bless

  2. wow…the gompa looks very modern.. not like the traditional gompa style….very beautiful…..

  3. @Danny:

    Yep, it isn’t meant to look traditional at all :D Rinpoche is a teacher for our generation and well, we’re not exactly conventional hehehe in fact, we’re quite spoiled by the comforts of modern life so Rinpoche compassionately adjusts everything (including the gompa) to fit our mindset, to make it easier for us to receive the Dharma