Fish go free

6 July 2010 - 5:40pm 4 Comments

It’s the time of the month again, when 100kg of fish was generously donated by many enthusiasts so they could be set free!

Kids, parents and friends gathered at Kepong Metropolitan Park on Sunday morning to help the fishes to take good rebirth. It also set a great example for many children and individuals to not harm animals and create awareness of the sufferings of the animals.

Even though a thunderstorm was fast approaching, it was a beautiful morning as we recited the prayers with great fervour and dedicated the merits to our loved ones, to the manifestation of Kechara Animal Sanctuary, Kechara World Peace Centre and the long life of His Eminence Tsem Rinpoche. Kids were delighted at seeing the fishes being set free, as their parents and other adults stood by watching and smiling.

Join us for this meaningful activity which happens every month! For further information, to participate or to sponsor fish, please contact Nicholas Yu at [email protected] or +6016 209 0541.

4 Responses to Fish go free

  1. Giving those fishes another chance for a longer life instead of them ending up on the dinner table is great. I’d like to share with you what we saw at the few ponds in the Bukit Jalil Park.

    Being man-made pond, the survival of the thousands of fishes which were released there depend on kind and generous souls to feed them. They will certainly die of starvation without people feeding them cos the park authorities don’t have the funds for it. This place is rather deserted on weekdays although there are some who go there just to feed the fishes during the five working days and you have more visitors during the weekends. You will notice that most of the fishes are malnourish in the two ponds that is deeper into the park. When you throw them food, the bigger and tougher variety like the catfish would normally devour most of the bigger portion leaving the smaller fishes to fight over the small crumbs left floating on the surface. What’s my point in telling you all this? Well, the point to note is NOT to overstock a self contained pond. Over population and lack of food causes more misery in that, malnourish fishes will finally die of stavation.

    Free fishes by all means, but maybe if we could spend half the funds on fishes and the other half on fish food with the commitment to go feed them twice a week, all would be nice and well below the the gentle ripples of the aquatic ponds.

    • Dear Lau,

      Thank you for your feedback and care. H.E. Tsem Tulku Rinpoche has taken a personal interest in this matter and I would like to share with you his comments.

      “PLEASE find out where these two ponds out. Check it out. And let’s go and feed them also. On animal liberation day, we can go and feed these fishes instead also INSTEAD OF RELEASING……Please check out the two ponds DEEPER IN THE PARK. PLEASE GO CHECK OUT THESE PONDS DEEPER IN THE PARK. I AM WORRIED FOR THESE FISH. THEY MUST BE VERY HUNGRY. Tsem Tulku”

  2. hi Beng Kooi,

    Why not set up paypal to accept donations from all over the world for those who wish to contribute for animal liberation…?

    In some countries, it’s not convenient to free animals…