KIM to Recruit Volunteers In and Out of Town!

20 April 2012 - 11:26pm 1 Comment

Bringing happiness and love through film and videos requires compassion and great effort behind it all. However it may not be as difficult as you think. Kechara InMotion producer, Jace Chong says,

Currently KIM is in the process of recruiting for regular volunteers. It is an effort to pool those who has free time and would like to contribute in doing Dharma.

“The main function of the group is to place Chinese subtitles in the videos of Rinpoche’s Dharma talks. Doing this benefits more people especially the Chinese speaking community. The process requires people who are good in English for transcribing the video as well as people who are bilingual to translate the video and last but not least, people who have some computer knowledge, preferably those with experience in Final Cut Pro Editing software in Mac to do subtitling.”

Who is KIM?

Kechara InMotion (KIM) is the media department of the Kechara organisation. Its most valuable role is to document all the immaculate teachings of Buddhism by His Eminence Tsem Rinpoche, Kechara’s enigmatic and effervescent spiritual advisor and KIM’s main goal is to make them accessible to those who need.

KIM brings the priceless Dharma teachings of Rinpoche to the global audience using the various creative channels via the multimedia platform.

Post Production Work

In the process of bringing wisdom and spreading the love to the world, various stages of work and different skills of people are involved. The video production process starts from the preparation of pre-recording and recording before it reaches the post production process.

During post production, various steps are involved including transferring the data, editing the shots, transcribing the video, translating the transcript for subtitling, proofreading the translated transcript, implementing the subtitles, proofreading the subtitles for a final time on the video and finally, uploading the finished video to various media channels like Youtube.

The seemingly simple production of a Dharma video not only requires the many talents of the videographer, video editor, transcriber, translator, proof reader and subtitle editor but also involves the co-operation from different departments as well.

This is why we need people with talents and skills to bring the Dharma to people here in Malaysia and around the world. The Dharma video production process is actually quite similar to the commercial video production process but the benefits differ greatly, as it brings tremendous positive benefits to those seeking inspiring messages of happiness, love and wisdom. Jace Chong says:

Anyone who would like to help out with transcription and translation should contact us. Volunteers can work from home as long as they can be contacted via email. The working timeline is negotiable.

“You are also welcome to work in KIM’s beautiful and comfortable office and we will make sure you have free flow of junk food for the whole day!”

For those who would like to volunteer please contact Jace Chong at +6012 288 8044 or

We will update you on some of the interesting stories about them from time to time with stories from the wonderful and incredible volunteers of KIM!

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  1. Besides video, it would be good too if you do audio as well. Audio can be listen anywhere, anytime….especially when one is driving. Audio too can reach out to those who with any kind of eyesight problem. Of course, with audio, we do need people with calm and soothing voice to allow the listeners find their peace. Thank you