Conch Shells Now Available in Outlets!

18 June 2010 - 5:38am Comments Off

The Kechara Paradise team recently welcomed the arrival of conch shells to our outlets, which we have now made available for purchase.

The conch shell is legendary in Tibetan Buddhism. It was through the finding of the shell that led to the establishment of Gaden Monastery. As a young boy in a previous lifetime, Lama Tsongkhapa made an offering to Buddha Shakyamuni. The Great Sage made a prediction that the boy would revitalise Buddhism in Tibet in a future lifetime.

This incredible conch shell is more than 1 foot long!

Buddha called one of his disciples, who had the power of speed, gave him a conch shell and asked him to walk to Tibet and bury it in the land. It was at that location where the conch shell was unearthed more than a thousand years later, and where Lama Tsongkhapa later built Gaden Monastery, one of the three great seats of the Gelugpa tradition.

As one of the eight sensory offerings, the conch shell represents the offering of speech, and the supremacy of Buddha’s teachings. It symbolises his fearlessness in proclaiming the truth of the Dharma. So significant is the conch shell that it is one of the 32 major signs of an enlightened Being’s body. According to the scriptures, one of the marks of an enlightened Being is his deep and resonant conch-like voice, which resounds throughout the ten directions of space.

Artfully decorated with jewel offerings

Bring such important symbolism to your altar! Come along to one of our outlets and pick up some conch shells. These beautiful shells can be used as one of the eight sensory offerings or for decorative purposes…whatever it is, make sure you don’t go without it!

These conch shells have been transformed into creative lamps which double up as offerings of light!

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