Bigger is Better!

3 March 2010 - 10:11pm Comments Off

Kechara Discovery have just had a recent delivery of LARGE exciting statues! If you’ve been hankering after a large image of White Tara, Dzambala, Green Tara, and most excitingly… Long-Life Tsongkhapa (just like we will be making in TKL), there’s no time to waste!

Call your nearest Kechara Paradise outlet now to find out when the statues will be arriving in-store and be the first one there to reserve one for your home or altar!

Long Life Tsongkhapa and Lord Dzambala - both 1m (3.3ft) tall!

1m Green Tara and 5ft tall White Tara!

Liaison Paul Yap and his team of staff and volunteers such as Andy Lee (pictured) are working hard to ensure the statues get to you as soon as possible!

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