Freedom for the fish!

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Sunday, 6 March 2011 was an auspicious day for the staff of Kechara Paradise (KP) as they gathered at Kepong Metropolitan Park to liberate 100kg of fish. They were there freeing lives for His Eminence Tsem Rinpoche‘s long life in conjunction with the Tibetan New Year (Losar).

Group photo of Kechara Paradise staff, and their family and friends

Liaison Henry Ooi began the event by setting the motivation for liberating the fishes. He said that not only should everyone request for Rinpoche’s long life, but also of their own so that they can create more merits to do more for themselves in Dharma, for our beloved Guru and for the fish to have a good rebirth.

Henry feeding the fish

After the motivation was set, the team chanted prayers, and recited Medicine Buddha’s mantra and Rinpoche’s long life mantra. After blowing the holy words on to the fish and their food, the fish were released into the pond. This was accompanied by the recitation of mantras and when everything was completed, everybody gathered once again to recite dedication prayers to mark the end of the event.

The whole Kechara Paradise team had fun taking part in such a meritorious event, what more on such a meaningful day. On behalf of the team, we wish everybody have a healthy and long life!

Recitation of prayers by all KP staff, and their family and friends

KP staff enjoy their breakfast after the auspicious event

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