An Update from Nepal!

14 October 2009 - 6:19pm Comments Off

As always, it’s been a fantastically productive trip to Nepal with many things achieved.

In their most recent update, Su Ming, Kennie and David went in search of Batri, Rinpoche’s rickshaw driver, to gift him food and other items. Unable to find him, they discovered that Batri had entered a month-long retreat in a temple.

Batri's wife and daughter with the food gifts

As winter is coming to Nepal however, our Three Musketeers felt it was urgent that Batri’s family received their gifts so they passed the food instead to his wife. They also asked Krishna, one of our kind Nepali friends, to check on them every month and give them food. Kechara will also be sponsoring Batri’s youngest daughter’s school fees, after Raj Kumar discovered that she had recently stopped schooling due to a lack of funds.

The exterior of Susan's retail shop, Susan's Collection, and our first look at the completed display

Later, over at Kathmandu Guest House, our Three Musketeers also got busy spreading Dharma. Ever particular about presentation and keen to help others whenever they can, they helped Susan to display the Kechara Discovery pendants she had bought for her retail shop. As they were decorating the shelf, many a passerby stopped to look, a good sign that the display is going to draw people to purchasing the pendants.

Su Ming, David and Kennie's experience in making beautiful displays really shows!

And last (but definitely not least!), Rinpoche now has a permanent presence in Pilgrim’s Bookstore, who are one of the biggest supporters of Kechara’s work in Nepal. Joining photos of other great beings on the wall of Pilgrim’s is a framed picture of Rinpoche, resplendent in his robes. Strategically placed, Rinpoche’s image is unmissable to all who enter the store, blessing those who lay their eyes on him.

A framed image of Rinpoche on the wall of pilgrims, blessing all who lay eyes on him

Keep your eyes peeled for more Kechara news, because this isn’t the last you’ve heard of us in Nepal!

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