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9 March 2010 - 4:41am Comments Off

H.E. Tsem Rinpoche shares with us how by truly practising Dharma, one’s mind can be transformed, one achieves inner peace, and lessens one’s “problems”. While addressing topics such as negative karma through wrong actions, promoting positive and cutting out negative imprints and how the basis of having merits is important to help cut these negative imprints and support one’s positive practice, Rinpoche also gives many examples of people he has encountered who have transformed and found peace through these vary basic unelaborated practices and have received their results.

The main focus in this talk is on how to address, accept and solve one’s problems. We should not create more negative energy by focusing and grasping on the problems we are facing but through correct understanding and application of the methods taught by Lord Buddha, we can improve our situation. This Dharma Talk is great for anyone who wants a positive start in their life as Rinpoche relays his experiences and knowledge in a very logical, humorous, honest discourse that is most uplifting.

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