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Six tips to develop a daily prayer habit

Consistency in spirituality isn’t easy especially in this day and age where distractions are plentiful. Many of us struggle to be consistent with our daily prayers even though we know how important it is for our spiritual growth. To help you cultivate a daily prayer habit, here are some practical tips.

Short prayer to Dorje Shugden

A short prayer for busy, modern practitioners to recite every single day to invoke Dorje Shugden’s energy for protection, blessings, and spiritual and material abundance.

Spirituality & pets

If you're an animal lover or paw-rent, you’re probably doing your best to care for your furkids, protect them from harm, and provide them with a happy life. But beyond physical health and mental stimulation, did you know you can also provide spiritual wellness for your furriend?

How to use prayer wheels

Prayer wheel practice is a powerful way to purify negative karma, accumulate merits and bless yourself, the environment and all sentient beings. Watch the video to learn more about prayer wheels and how to use them properly.

5 ways to love more

The secret to being loved is to love more yourself. However, although we all want to feel more love, we may not know how to love more. Fortunately, our founder Tsem Rinpoche taught five simple and effective ways.

Temple stay

A unique cultural and spiritual opportunity to experience Tibetan Buddhism by immersing in daily temple lifestyle, participating in prayers and rituals, and engaging in communal activities.

The Tsem Rinpoche Relic Temple

Following the parinirvana of our beloved teacher on September 4, 2019, we have begun the construction of the Tsem Rinpoche Relic Temple, a permanent spiritual memorial to house Rinpoche’s holy relics and commemorate his life, deeds and legacy.

Outdoor stupa progress update

Following Tibetan monastic customs, we have begun the creation of our beloved teacher’s Relic Stupa – the main object of veneration in the Tsem Rinpoche Relic Temple. It will be the first of its kind in Malaysia and one of very few in the region.

The farm of your mind

This advice was given to the Kechara Forest Retreat team in 2015 by our Dharma Protector Dorje Shugden. It is shared here as it is applicable to everyone who wishes to advance in their spiritual practice and maintain a supreme Guru-Disciple relationship with their own teachers.

Advice from Dorje Shugden

In January 2021, we consulted with our protector Dorje Shugden for advice on what pujas should be done to clear obstacles for the successful completion of our projects, and for the health, wellbeing and spiritual success of Rinpoche’s students.

Chanting mantras correctly

Chanting mantras with concentration, visualisation and the right mental attitude is an important part of Tibetan Buddhist practice. As many of us have limited time for spiritual practice, we’ve put together this simple guide to help you get the most out of your mantra recitations with the same amount of time and effort.

Say goodbye to poor puja practices

Whatever puja we’re attending, we should participate in it correctly even if it’s online. This is particularly relevant as we’ve all gotten used to doing things online, including pujas. Check out this simple guide to attending online pujas.

Making food offerings

When you offer food to the Buddhas, you create the causes to receive sustenance and to have your material needs met, so that you can focus on your spiritual development...

How to practise nine-round breathing

In the Tibetan tradition, Nine-Round Breathing Meditation is practised before formal meditation to help clear our psychic energy channels. This breathing technique is short and straightforward, and can be done by anyone, at any time and practically anywhere.

How to make water offerings

Learn the correct way to make water offerings, their benefits, and some of the common dos and don’ts, then put it into practice to accumulate vast merits for your spiritual journey.