Michael and Cathy on the Setrap Box Set

23 March 2010 - 12:23pm Comments Off

Michael and Cathy, regulars to the Kechara House Setrap puja, write to the author Sharon Saw to pass on their thoughts about the Setrap box set.

Hi Sharon,

Thanks for making Setrap’s thousand-year old secrets available to the public…without reading it, I wouldn’t even know the number of flags on his headgear and what it represents!

Setrap really touched my life immediately after I opened the box in Dec 2009, and now Cathy is addicted to it…haha! That’s why we were there at the Puja for two days! We will definitely share this with our friends and family and introduce Setrap to them.

Thanks again for providing the precious Setrap info to us.

- Michael and Cathy

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