The Promise: A Tsem Tulku Biography

10 November 2011 - 2:03pm 2 Comments

The Promise tells the most unusual, extraordinary life story of Tsem Rinpoche, a radiant Buddhist teacher who literally traversed continents and lifetimes to fulfil a lifelong commitment to the world.

The Promise, a fascinating pictorial story, features many personal photographs of Tsem Rinpoche’s life, including images that have never been published before. The book crosses four countries, five cities, countless cultures, and is the result of years of travel and research by Tsem Rinpoche’s students, crossing China, Taiwan, India and the United States.

Author’s Bio

Sharon Saw spent many years writing for magazines and television before joining KMP full-time as a writer and senior editor. She has authored and edited very comprehensive box sets on Buddhist practice as well as many other titles on spiritual philosophies.

Jamie Khoo has had much experience in various media – newspapers and magazines – and is now a senior editor with KMP. She has a biography, Call Me Paris, maintains a column at and is a regular blogger. She is also a motivational speaker and emcee.

Fang Chyi Chang has worked extensively in the arts and advertising line, and now lends her creative talents to KMP as their art director. Having overseen all KMP’s creative works, The Promise is among her most beautiful works of art.

About the Publisher

Kechara Media & Publications (KMP) is a Malaysian publishing house. Established in 2005 under the spiritual guidance of H.E. Tsem Rinpoche, KMP’s vision is to bring the ancient wisdom of Buddhist teachings into the context of modern contemporary living thereby appealing to a very wide spectrum of readers.  KMP’s imprints in both English and Chinese cover broad genres ranging from serious Dharma to lifestyle to biography, with the common thread of personal development which inspires, transforms and benefits others.

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