THANK YOU! from KMP (June 2010)

23 June 2010 - 7:31pm Comments Off

The opportunity to sponsor the spread of Dharma via books and teachings is a rare and very beautiful one. By sponsoring books, you are directly sponsoring the chance for someone to connect with these sacred teachings to effect profound and deeply beneficial change in their lives for the better.

Kechara Media & Publications is greatly indebted to all the very kind people who support us tirelessly in bringing Dharma to others. This month, we wish to send a special shout out of our sincerest thanks to the following sponsors for their love, contribution and enthusiasm in joining us to share Dharma. Thank you! And may your contribution be dedicated to happiness, peace and profound transformation for all beings.

  • Chua Siong Woan
  • Yip Khin Hoe, Ng Hing Wen, Ashley Yip Wei Li
  • Nicholas Yu
  • Lili Ng
  • Kechara Discovery staff (Lim Bee Yen, Andy Lee, Yvonne Yap, Louise Lee)
  • Png Chew Quee @ Fang Chiew Khooi

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