Rinpoche’s photos, books and DVDs in many hotels and shops around Thamel and Boudha!

9 May 2009 - 4:11am Comments Off

Flavours Cafe - Magazine Shelves

Dear Friends, For three days in a row, both David and I have placed much of our promotional materials in 19 shops/ hotels/ book shops around Thamel and Boudha. The majority of the outlets are friends of Liaison Henry and Liaison Ruby, who have been coming to Nepal often to source for authentic and quality items for our outlets.

Potala Palace Guest House

Tibetan Thangka Shop

We gave away over 400 DVDs and will be giving away more in the next few days. We have also been replenishing the free distribution DVDs stands on a daily basis for certain high traffic outlets ie Kathmandu Guest House, Pilgrims, Saturday Cafe and Flavours Cafe. All the DVDs were packed by Monlam, Liaison JP and Liaison Pastor Loh Seng Piow.

Pastor Loh Seng Piow, Monlam & JP

Flavours Cafe - Entrance

Flavours Cafe - DVD Stand

Liaison Joy has couriered another 500 more DVDs of Rinpoche’s teachings and we will be receiving them early next week. Last night, we received our very first call from Nit, a Tourist from Thailand who is interested to meet Rinpoche after she came across Rinpoche through the free distribution DVDs. She will email me her address and we will include her in our database for our weekly e-newsletter.

Gauri Thangka Shop

Third Eye Arts and Crafts Shop

Dzambala Rinpoche Photos

Roadhouse Grill

Over the next few days, David will be approaching several hotels and guest houses in Boudha and Thamel to place more campaign materials there. He plans to approach Hyatt Hotel and grocery stores to see whether there is any opportunity for free DVDs distribution as those areas have a very high tourist traffic. Will update SOON!!!! Regards, Chuah Su Ming Liaison of Tsem Ladrang

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