KMP hits the big time at the London Book Fair 2009

30 April 2009 - 9:38pm Comments Off

KMP at their booth, complete with specially designed jackets to match their brand’s colours

It’s been an exciting, action-packed three days for Kechara Media & Publications at the London Book Fair. From Monday 20 to Wednesday 22 April, KMP have been participating at the LBF in Earl’s Court in the heart of London, with their very own booth!

The New Titles Showcase, which carried some of KMP’s titles

As the LBF is one of the world’s most renowned publishing trade fairs, this was a fantastic opportunity for KMP to establish valuable contacts with distributors and other publishers. KMP also had the chance to begin negotiations to sell translation and foreign distribution rights. This will bring Rinpoche’s teachings to many more people, in many more languages.

While half the team did their rounds in the enormous fair, others stayed back at the booth to speak to passersby. Because a stunning poster of the latest book, Gurus for Hire, Enlightenment for Sale took centrestage of the little booth, many people stopped to look and enquire. We were all very surprised to find out as we spoke to these people that many in the West are impressed, intrigued and very interested in spiritual topics.

Kechara’s London group Lily and Keng Nam Tan dropped by to spend an afternoon with us. Here they are at the beautifully completed booth!

KMP books were also displayed at the New Titles Showcase (NTS), a large prominent area featuring newly published titles. Here, many distributors or foreign rights acquisition parties check out the latest books before coming over to the stall to find out more. Many people from around the world came to visit our booth because they’d seen our books at the NTS – it’s hard not to notice the captivating profile of His Eminence on the book after all!

Some of the KMP liaisons at the front of Earls’ Court, the venue of the book fair

KMP would like to thank adviser Joan Foo Mahony and her husband Terry Mahony for making all this possible. Thank you for all that you are doing in dedication of Dharma!

Joan Foo Mahony (right) and Associate Liaison of Ladrang, May Phng, pause for a photo of a most auspicious event!

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