An offering of wisdom this Seventh Month

18 August 2010 - 2:08am Comments Off

In line with the upcoming Setrap pujas being organised by Kechara for the Seventh Month Hungry Ghost festival, Kechara Media & Publications (KMP) will also be offering special promotions on our books throughout the four-day event, to be dedicated to your loved ones.

The Seventh Month is a most auspicious time for us to make offerings and dedicate the positive potential we create to our loved ones, to those deceased and to all beings of the lower realms who experience great suffering. As the gift of Dharma – wisdom and learning – is considered one of the highest offerings we can make to another being, what better way to create and dedicate merit than to sponsor Dharma books during this time?

For just this selected time, KMP will be offering special promotions for the Setrap box sets (in both English and Chinese)  as well as some great prices for other selected books. This is a very good opportunity to purchase Dharma books to be shared with  friends and family. And with all the merit that you collect by sponsoring and sharing Dharma, remember to dedicate them to all your loved ones, deceased or alive. By this merit, may they all find relief, happiness and a path of light and wisdom to free themselves from all problems.

KMP also has fantastic opportunities to sponsor the production of books, via our special book fund. With certain sponsorships, you can even dedicate a whole book to any of your loved ones, family or friends. Please contact us on +603 7805 5691 or [email protected] for more information about these wonderful opportunities to share light, peace and clarity with the world.

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