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Serious about practicing Buddhism but do not know here to start? In need of a Guru but do not know the essential criteria of a qualified guru? What is crucial in a Guru-student relationship? Are you looking for a centre but do not know which is suitable for you? How do you decide what is suitable for you?

Do not worry, because you can find your most sought-after explanations in just one single book! Yes, there is a book that tells you frankly all about the role of Dharma centres, Gurus, students, sponsors and beyond, especially answering questions that other books or insiders will not reveal to you!

This must-read, must-have book for all modern day practitioners is Gurus for Hire, Enlightenment for Sale by His Eminence Tsem Rinpoche. Due to a lot of positive feedback on how beneficial this book is, Tsem Ladrang has decided to give away 62 books for free! First come, first served!

Click to find out what Sharon Saw (left) and Jamie Khoo (right) have to say about Gurus For Hire! (clicking on the image will take you to YouTube)

In the book, Rinpoche gives a clear and easy explanation of our roles in Dharma centres, about the guru, the disciples, the sponsors and many other subjects that a modern day practitioner should know. In order to win the book for free, all you have to do is correctly answer eight simple questions at Rinpoche’s post Gurus for Hire (Give Away!!!).

The first 62 people to answers the eight questions correctly will receive the book entirely FREE! All of the answers can be found within Rinpoche’s blog and if you get them all right, the book will be shipped to you free of charge (one book per person). At last count, there were 115 responses on the page…are you going to be one of the correct 62 answers?

Find out more about this exciting giveaway and watch this short video, starring Sharon Saw and Jamie Khoo of Kechara Media and Publications (KMP)!

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