Plastic fantastic

8 September 2010 - 3:34am 1 Comment

This article is part of Kechara’s on-going efforts to create a greener, more environmentally aware society. Starting with a local recycling effort within the neighbourhood community, Kechara hopes to make a real difference in the field of environmental conservation, starting from the education of our members.

Ever picked up a plastic item and wondered what the number and arrows meant? Does the whole thing look like it is in a totally different language? Well, wonder no more! Click HERE (or on the image below) to download this handy guide to interpreting the symbols on a plastic bottle…and remember, before you make your way to our next recycling activity, the Kechara Earth Project recycling activity only accepts Numbers 1 to 5!

If you wish to help do your part for the environment, join Kechara’s recycling programme. Held on the second Sunday of every month, from 9am to 12pm, we can be found at the playground outside Kechara House 1 collecting any and all recyclables…newspapers, plastics, metals, even old clothes! For further information, please contact Wan Wai Meng at +6012 215 0968.

One Response to Plastic fantastic

  1. Wai Meng
    You are doing a fantastic job! I fully support and will spread the word around. GREEN POWER. Let’s go GREEN!!